Useful Apps and Things to Bring to China and Guangzhou Canton Fair!

What an experience the Guangzhou Canton Fair 2024 was! We were told that it was even less crowded than pre-pandemic levels. Like Jakarta, I wanted put this tip guide out there for future reference - the mobile apps we used, the things we needed to set up BEFORE the trip (VERY IMPORTANT!) and the essentials to bring for the trip! Hope this list can be useful and will guide you as you come again to China for the first time as well 😊


Useful Apps and Things to Bring to Jakarta Indonesia!

We just came back from Jakarta and I figured I would just put this tip guide out there for future reference - the mobile apps we used and the essentials to bring for the trip! Hope you'll find this list useful as well 😊


Arashiyama Kyoto Tour in Japan - Lion's Roar Garden, Tenryu-ji Temple, Kijirou and Sagano Chikuji-an!

We went to Arashiyama twice for this trip and I found that I can still go back here again when I go back to Kyoto. It's a popular tourist destination and I think there's plenty of sites here for everyone aside from the infamous bamboo grove. This is around a 5-hour slow walk with lots of photo stops for us. I believe we started out on the right foot for this one so I wasn't overwhelmed with all the crowds! 


Visit Kyoto Festival in May - Kanko-sai Festival of the Shimogoryo Shrine !

I considered myself lucky when the Visit Kyoto Facebook page posted their bi-monthly schedule of Kyoto events before our trip! There was something happening while we were there and it was very close to our RESI Stay Kyo Ryuvilux Nijo apartment - the Kanko-sai Festival of the Shimogoryo Shrine. We figured we will just check it out depending on our impromptu itinerary for that day. So every year, the mikoshi portable shrines are carried around the city. Please read more about the Shimogoryo shrine in this link and translate to English.


Our Hotel Room with Kitchenette in Kyoto - RESI STAY Kyo Ryuvilux Nijo !

We booked RESI STAY Kyo Ryuvilux Nijo in Kyoto for a week via! Aside from it being cheaper, we liked that the area was on the quieter side of Kyoto. I got a Quad Kibune Room with 2 double beds and a small kitchen. Jeff and I both loved it so much and we would gladly book here again. Apparently this is a popular chain all over Japan and it had many location options in Kyoto to choose from.  


Easy Osaka Kansai Airport Transfer to Kyoto Using the JR Icoca and Haruka Train!

Guys, if there's another great trip I can provide you while travelling with your husband, just let one of you do the planning and navigating for a major trip ;) Jeff found this very convenient transfer for us from the Osaka Kansai International Airport in Japan to go directly to JR Kyoto Station! Of all the options, he decided that this is the best one - valid for one day only, the ICOCA card with Haruka discount ticket combo. The ICOCA card can be used on subways, railways, buses and shopping in Japan, while the Hello Kitty Haruka train is for a one-way trip (perfect for our itinerary). As the follower, I can say that it was very convenient even if we had 2 wheeled luggages in tow.