Useful Apps and Things to Bring to Seoul and Korea!

I finally went back to Korea after the pandemic! We did two trips - one in autumn to Seoul and Jeonju and another one during the summer to Seoul and Suwon. Like China and Indonesia, I wanted to put this general and current tip guide out there for future reference - the mobile apps we used and the essentials to bring for the trip! Hope you'll find this list useful as well 😊 I just posted what to eat and how to survive eating and overeating in Korea in my previous post so you can check that out also.


Lessons Learned from Eating and Overeating in Korea

It’s not so hard to get carried away with the many food options in Korea, especially if they have one or more representative dish per area and a high number of Michellin-recommended and highly recommended restaurant reviews on Google and Naver maps. I have always loved that the Korean restaurants specialize in only one or two menu items so you only have to think of a meal name and search from there. So I would just like to make this post as a reminder for myself and to others on what Jeff and I do to select where to eat and how we handled a recent overeating incident near Seoul, even how to reserve and cancel bookings in this recent digital age and post-pandemic.


Get Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses at Nandaemun in Seoul Korea!

One of my recent fun things to do in Seoul Korea is go to an eyeglass store and update my eye wear and buy contact lenses too! It is amazing that you can get the glasses after just 1 hour and the prices are so reasonable for the quality of the items and service 😊 Let me take you to Daesong AnKyeong in Nandaemun.


Useful Apps and Things to Bring to China and Guangzhou Canton Fair!

What an experience the Guangzhou Canton Fair 2024 was! We were told that it was even less crowded than pre-pandemic levels. Like Jakarta, I wanted put this tip guide out there for future reference - the mobile apps we used, the things we needed to set up BEFORE the trip (VERY IMPORTANT!) and the essentials to bring for the trip! Hope this list can be useful and will guide you as you come again to China for the first time as well 😊


Useful Apps and Things to Bring to Jakarta Indonesia!

We just came back from Jakarta and I figured I would just put this tip guide out there for future reference - the mobile apps we used and the essentials to bring for the trip! Hope you'll find this list useful as well 😊


Arashiyama Kyoto Tour in Japan - Lion's Roar Garden, Tenryu-ji Temple, Kijirou and Sagano Chikuji-an!

We went to Arashiyama twice for this trip and I found that I can still go back here again when I go back to Kyoto. It's a popular tourist destination and I think there's plenty of sites here for everyone aside from the infamous bamboo grove. This is around a 5-hour slow walk with lots of photo stops for us. I believe we started out on the right foot for this one so I wasn't overwhelmed with all the crowds!