Holiday Classics Kitchen Sessions Experience by Innobake Philippines in Pasig!

One of the recent experiences that J and I enjoyed was participating in the first Holiday Classics Kitchen Session of Innobake Philippines in Pasig! It was a free demo cooking class hosted by Innobake's resident Chef John. He showcased the different product lines sold by this company, now being made available to home cooks and bakers (before mostly only for commissaries, restaurants and big bulk clients). I am sharing below the recipe for Spanish Sardines that they gave us. If you want the other recipes for the other holiday bestsellers below, please feel free to send me a message via Facebook and I can send it to you.


Korean BBQ Saemaeul Sikdang Philippines in Glorietta Makati!

I've only seen this done on Korean TV - rolling seaweed into rice balls and a grandma feeding it to her grandchildren! So when I saw this on Saemaeul's menu, I just had to order it for the experience haha. J and I dropped by this year's Korea Travel Fiesta in Makati and I wanted another Korean experience for lunch. We found Saemaeul restaurant being constructed at the Top of the Glo many months back and I told him we should go because of Chef Paik Jong Won!


My TRA90 Program Journey for 2021

2021 was a life-changing year for me, even more drastic and scarier than 2020 when the COVID pandemic began. Fear that I was going to die was what motivated me to take a stand for my life, particularly my health. This wonderful journey and rediscovery started on my birthday during the early part of the year. I already finished my 90-day weight management The Right Approach (TRA) program many months ago and I’m proud to say that the TRA90 challenge was one of the sulit investments I ever did for myself, like the Landmark Forum. I want to travel more, write and experience life guiltlessly with my love for many years to come. Let me share a snippet of my foodie and health adventure with you.


Aureo La Union Beach Resort Trip with Alex Gapuz Grape Farm Picking!

I didn’t think a short trip to the beach during a pandemic would be wise but I did it anyway. I must say that it was worth the close to 5-hour drive to and from Manila and a 3D2N stay was kind of “bitin”. It was a good slow restart though to my old travel life and made me want to write again and share my interesting finds and tips! If ever you find yourself wanting to go to La Union since it’s close to Manila, I hope you consider this laid-back itinerary for a family/couple trip. We stayed at the garden villa of Aureo La Union, which was nearest to the beachfront and had great access to the pools, restaurant area and sunsets!


Never Gets Old.. Lunch at Promenade Foodcourt and Eye Check!

We haven’t been to the Greenhills Promenade foodcourt in a long time. Today, we got a taste of the newly opened Hackensack 1950s Burger - selling burgers and wings. The menu seemed familiar though and I asked if it was with the Slammers Group that I’ve been patronizing for many years. And I was right! Haha.


DTI-BDTP Virtual National Trade Fair this January 27 to Feb 2, 2021!

I’m a fan of trade and food fairs, usually for all the food and goodies I buy that are produced locally and from all over the Philippines! We would go to the event site and Jeff and I would go aisle to aisle to discover new products to try out hehe. Those that stood out, are within our budget and we would stock our pantry with, goes home with us!