Where to Eat in Jeonju - Yummy Yetchon Makgeolli Restaurant!

I am currently back in Korea for KCLIP 2018 and it's a wonderful place to start in Jeonju as it is being dubbed "the gastronomical capital of Korea"! I've been to Jeonju more than once and the most memorable for me was when I arranged for a trip for me and my mom with This is Korea's Harry as our private guide. He showed us his top 3 places to eat in Jeonju and this is number ONE on his list, which quickly became mine as well. I would recommend bringing a lot of people with you to share a night at Yetchon Makgeolli Restaurant.

It was dinner time around 8pm and the place was jampacked with locals! Our guide got us a private table and ordered the standard 35000 won per person meal that Jeonju is famous for.

The order comes with Makgeolli in a big teapot, which is not shown here as I was allergic to alcohol. But tonight, I tried it and liked the mild and sweet flavor of this rice wine that Jeonju is famous for.

This is my favorite dish - Pork with Sour Kimchi. Pair it with firm tofu and it's really delicious!

This, I believe, is Jokbal or pig's feet =)

And then the yummy food just kept on coming that I found myself not knowing which one to eat first and next. I felt so full and wished that we were with more people that day to finish all of these. It was well balanced with meat, fish, shellfish, veggies, kimchi and makgeolli.

Overall, this place gets the highest score for me in terms of the food, atmosphere and value for money in Jeonju. I am sure it will be patronized as a food trip destination for many many more years. I went to another place like this tonight and it's not just as good as Yetchon =)

Jeonju Restaurant (Korean Food) Details:
843-16, Seosin-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea