Where to Eat in Jeonju - Best Gongnamul Gukbap Experience for Breakfast at the Jeonju Nambu Market!

This is Harry from our Jeonju tour! From Seoul, he drove us all the way there and introduced us to his top 3 places to eat in Jeonju city =) Somehow, walking in an sleeping traditional market made the experience more memorable and just chill for my mom and I. This was my first time to try Kongnamul Gukbap or Korean beansprout soup! Jeonju is famous for this dish, as well as the Makgeolli restaurant type of food I told you about in my previous post.

We went straight to the traditional Nambu Market at 10am and looked for this restaurant. Harry said it moved from its previous location.

I know about korean bean sprouts as an appetizer and garnish only. I like the ones with less tail and big bean, which tastes a little nutty. In Jeonju, they make it into a hangover soup and they said it's very good if you'd had too much soju or makgeolli to drink the previous night.

Inside the market were side alleys and restaurants!

This is the main market.

We headed here and after a few inquiries,

he found what he was looking for - 현대옥 Hyundaiok 공나물국밥 Kongnamul Gukbap!

There is limited seating for around 10 people inside.

One order is very cheap - around 6000 won for a complete meal. There is an option with squid 3000 won for 2 people I think.

The seafood soup came with eggs and there is a Korean method to eat it! Hehe.

It's really easy and delicious. Just scoop around 3-5 spoonfuls of hot soup and mix into the egg to cook it and shred salted gim or seaweed also! The Korean who invented this way of eating egg is a genius! Then you eat the main soup also and put some rice into it if you want. And that's breakfast, folks! You can ask them if they can make it not spicy if you go there ;)

So after we ate, we bought some freshly made seaweed and comfy ajumma pants! Haha.

Restaurant Details:
2-242, Jeon-dong 3-ga, Wansan-gu, Nambu Market 2-74, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea