The Road Ahead

I'm getting married! Yes, I can finally say that out loud haha. These past few months have been a whirlwind for me and today I take a breather from all the busyness to write down some of the things I am about to face in the next months, esp. with regards to all my wedding preps next year. In just a few months, my journey has expanded to educating myself and being almost like a CPA (Certified Parang Accountant), (still) organizing events and doing my best to prepare to be a missus (you might see more of this in the blog hehe). I was initially overwhelmed when it came to readying myself for that life-changing day. Due to my crazy schedule, I haven't done long trips for 3 months and found myself crankier by the day hahahaha. 


So J and I worked out a few arrangements to live by - he takes care of things while I stay calm and relaxed (daw lol). I am extremely grateful that he is the way he is... Everything was smooth sailing so far after that. I had a dress made for the engagement, bought shoes and booked a makeup artist (who gives me healthy glowing skin tips!). I guess the proper thing is to do now is to take things one at a time, stop worrying, restart my Barre3 exercise, do my best to stay hydrated, sleep early, not overwork myself and really start on that skin care regimen!


On that note, I just got a package yesterday in the form of Vaseline's petroleum jelly lotions and I'm excited to test it out! I've always been pretty adamant to change my ways when it comes to taking care of myself in general. I like things simple like taking a short bath every day, staying dirt-free (or I think it's super clean) like using a deep cleansing shampoo, soap and facial wash and fast like sleeping while my hair is wet because I don't like to spend time drying my hair and resisting taking-care-of-your-skin/face rituals. In these few years, probably due to age, the bride thing and being more conscious about my health, I'm beginning to open up to trying new things and reevaluate my stance, esp. if it's due to my plain stubbornness and laziness. I can't go around conquering the world sustainably with a wornout body, including skin which can is very visible on the outside, in tow after all. I simply need to take better care of it.

One of the things that bother me lately is my dry and flaky skin. It becomes itchy worse and more pronounced when I travel to places with cold weather like Korea, Japan and recently during my Spain trip. I started to use lotions and petroleum jelly more but I no longer want to do the bandaid method when it's at a serious stage of rashes, bordering eczema and all. I'll be more on the preventive maintenance side of things as a gift to myself as I hit 31 in a few days. Hehe.


Vaseline did a live billboard along C5 and did an experiment with leaves! They exposed leaves lathered with Vaseline and plain leaves to the scorching Manila heat and pollution for 3 days (you can check it out here) to see if the lotion and jelly makes a difference.


Imagine those leaves being your skin affected by weather, hot showers, even airconditioning (!), pollution and many more elements day by day.


I will also do some testing of this lotion infused with the revolutionary petroleum jelly on my own skin to see if these will heal and restore my skin's moisture - Heal Dry Skin with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (SRP is only at P69.30 for 100mL, P126 for 200mL, P225 for 400mL), the Vaseline Deep Restore Lotion and the Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion =)


I did the Dry Skin Index Test and got the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion and the Aloe Sooth Lotion as recommendations.


Wish me luck!