Update: My World of Wonder - Life's #Wonderful Moments #travelPAL #agodaPH

I came across Globe's World of Wonder site recently and it made me stop and think for a bit about the things that make my world wonderful. I've embraced travel and love in my life and I guess it shows haha. I travel even if I'm home and I invite love to come along when I'm off to somewhere old or new.


Some of My Wonderful 3 and How They Make My Life Wonderful

My favorite person in the world has to be J. It's been more than 12 years and we're stronger than ever. I'm excited to fly with him to Sydney this month and Thailand next month hehe. He's the adventurous and exotic one and we pull each other out of our opposite comfort zones. And so, our trip is always a mix of chillax staying in hotels, local experiences and never-imagined-to-do-in-this-life moments. When we're in the metro, we go on food trips and stay in touch every day.

A hobby I've had ever since I was young was collecting airline magazines like Mabuhay haha. Aside from the loads of travel info I keep over the years is an access to the top blockbusters in the world. They've hand-picked each one for travellers so we don't have to and even the classic or latest Indian and Korean movies for example are there ;) I love a long-haul flight because I get to watch around 4 movies per way since I have a hard time sleeping (or just refuse to sleep haha). One of my favorites is the movie The Hundred Foot Journey (a great combo of food, culture, travel and comedy). I tend to choose travel-related movies and I've watched quite a lot in this year alone. I have an elephant's memory so I use the movie section is Facebook to list down the ones I liked and so the WOW meme was able to pick up on that hehe. Watching movies encourages me to see the world during flight or idle time and sparks that traveller in me if I don't have trips planned at the moment.

Last but not the least, I've been a bit obsessed (according to J, my family and my friend) with the board game Ticket to Ride. It tests my patience and keeps my brain exercised. The great thing about the board game is that I get to play with up to 4 people (and beat J haha). A game for us could go on for hours since you have do stuff manually. I have the Ticket to Ride app on my phone because I love it that much haha. It helps with geography too (maybe at around 100 games)! I have the US and Germany version. They have other country and continent versions =) Gomoku comes in second because I finally learned this game in Korea hehe. 

You can create your own World of Wonder Meme here (just click create) ;)

Globe, Philippine Airlines and Agoda are giving away a trip to New Zealand with this promo! I heard from my friend who just went there that it was absolutely gorgeous in terms of landscape! 

Globe has a P599 a day roaming promo for international destinations. Philippine Airlines (finally!) flies to Auckland, New Zealand next month. I wonder if they have that yummy salsa on PAL business class on this trip... Make sure to use this link when you book Agoda for more Mabuhay Miles!

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