What's New: Everyday Journey and Conquering Anxiety, Cravings, Gastritis Problems and Fear

I may seem calm, collected and quiet when you meet me. Truth is, I'm probably in my head analyzing stuff and might be encountering any one of these (see title above). It might take some time for me to open up, smile and make friends like in the case of my most recent trip where I didn't know anyone. It's a constant struggle and it happens every day even in the mundane aspects of my life. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I'm thinking writing might curb my thoughts to my happy place.

Chungjuho Cruise in Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

Tonight, I'm having this insane craving for chocolate. I know it's bad for me since I'm allergic. This feeling is familiar, esp. when something I'm looking forward to just cancelled for whatever reason like that Boracay trip or when I want something to happen. I'm sensing some anxiety too. I used to dread Mondays and that might be it. Everyone will get back to work by tomorrow and so will I. There are so many things to do and so many promises to fulfill. My word is important to me like that or maybe not if I get lazy. I haven't been my word lately on a lot of stuff and it's been bothering me. My sister says I'm a perfectionist and sometimes it gets the best of me. Perhaps it's the fear of not being able to deliver that's driving me crazy this time of night. Aside from this, I'm battling gastritis for almost 2 months now (I think I was super stressed and was not eating well) and I can't eat a lot of things (like all the things I usually eat and chocolate). Imagine having to go on a trip and being uber careful but not that choosy on what's already prepared in front of you. Tired - this has got to be one of the reasons. I've been up since 7 a.m. this morning and been finishing tasks on a weekend. And I just got back from a long trip.

On a much positive note, my tummy's finer than ever and all that avoiding in the past few weeks did me good. I was able to eat a bit of kimchi and spicy soup in Korea! Phew haha. I also signed up for a yearly membership at Barre3. I'll get to it early tomorrow. Projects are coming in and travel opportunities with tourism organizations are pouring. I also have new friends who share my passion for travel and they work for the top travel agencies in this country! How cool is that?! I admit I feel like telling myself that I SHOULD be ecstatic and there probably lies the problem. Maybe there's nothing I should do now since the day is over and I have no problem at all. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with blogging non-stop on a Sunday. Haha. Maybe I could just sleep, work out tomorrow and do more posts like today! Today, I was happy until I started thinking that I wasn't. Less thinking and more doing did me good today. And of course, going to new placessharing my tips and adventures and reading about more travel-related news got me more excited than I've ever been in weeks! Within a short few lines, I just realized that turning things around (and writing this quick) is possible and comes naturally like what I just did on the 3rd paragraph. Huh.. Now, all I need is a picture. Lol. 

Tomorrow is another day to be brave and create something wonderful.

What's New: Everyday Journey and Conquering Anxiety, Cravings, Gastritis Problems and Fear