New Discoveries in Manila - Costa Coffee, Lazy Boy Fort Cinema Club and Uke Box Music Caffe!

Movies, hang-out, food and music in Manila - these things I've been doing more of lately with J. Many thanks to Rado Watches for the invite to the Mission Impossible screening. They have this new premiere cinema club for Rado Swiss Watches patrons! I got to appreciate the comforts of an all-theater lazy boy experience at the BGC Cinemas. They carry the Tissot watches in the film as well, BTW. ;)


Next up - I got a little closer to London with the opening of Costa Coffee in Eastwood!


We were finally able to get away for a while again a few days ago for Ant-Man and visit London's favorite coffee chain. I was first introduced to it in Abu Dhabi then in Beijing this year ;) Doesn't the Coffee Cream Frostino look so tempting?

costa-coffee-ph.jpg costa-Coffee-Cream-Frostino.jpg

The 2nd floor is more spacious (and has airconditioning) but there are like leather seats below outside. I absolutely loved the table design and the brick walls...


More importantly, there's WiFi. Haha.


We tried a slice of the British Carrot Cake, Tuna Sandwich and the unique Costa Flat White (has a shot of coffee called a Cortissimo with smooth textured milk).


Coffee Shop Details:
beside Kyochon, in front of Activity Center

Finally, there's Uke Box Caffe in Libis (also near Eastwood). They have these comfortable double-decker booths with lots of pillows, ukulele workshops, the live booth and local coffee. I loved going there on a weeknight and just listen to the beautiful music and recordings!


Cafe Details:
Village Center, 187 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis