Friday Night Classics at Oakwood Manila's Nostalgia Dining Lounge!

The weeks have been flying by so fast and it feels like I just blinked and it was Friday again. On the one hand, there's this gnawing thought that work is endless and there's this other relief that the rest days are unexpectedly beginning now. I would suggest going to Oakwood Premier Manila's Nostalgia Dining Lounge to check out their Friday Night Classics with a friend or special someone on this kind of day asap (plan out next week this early)! Don't you just want to go back to having a nice dinner out once in a while and dine to your heart's content until closing with soothing music on the background? As usual, for this post, I loved the ambiance, the food, the company, the service and the music here. 


This newly launched menu is available every Friday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. =)


The Nostalgia Dining Lounge is on the 6th floor of Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Ortigas.


They only have a few items on the menu on Fridays so I got to choose among the pre-selected (all-time) bestsellers whipped up by Chef Jerome's team. I was planning on going straight to the main course but was sidetracked with this - the hearty Onion Gratine! It's a classic French onion soup loaded with melted Emmental cheese!


Omgee, they put so much cheese in there that every spoonful is just chewy, gooey and warm. Yum! It was super worth it that


I didn't know how else I could finish my steak!! I ordered the US angus rib eye with bearnaises sauce.


My 7-oz. order came with delicious veggies and one side dish. You can either choose from cream spinach (tried this, very refreshing!), sauteed mushrooms, baked potato, French fries, mashed potato and grilled asparagus.



The steaks include a bearnaises, peppercorn, bleu cheese, merlot shallots or honey mustard sauce on the side. They have the 7-oz. US angus rib eye, 6-oz. US angus tenderloin or 8-oz. US angus striploin for the steak choices.


Last but not the least, how can I refuse some Tartufo haha. There's a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mousse inside!


My friend ordered some New Zealand ice cream affogato and we both ate for more than 2 hours (while chatting away) haha.


As I said, the menu is not that extensive but these are the classics of Oakroom and the Nostalgia Dining Lounge for years already that we're talking about. You can have gambas, Caesar salad or the soup of the day also for appetizer. There's carbonara pasta, baby back ribs pork adobo, oven roasted grouper fillet and pan seared macadamia salmon (tried this!) for the mains.


Porterhouse Steak 001

Restaurant Details:
6th Floor, Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig
Open Mondays to Sundays