Crystal Jade Greenhills Manila 翡翠上海美食馬尼拉, Xiao Long Bao for Breakfast and CJ Shanghai Delight Dishes for Lunch in V-Mall!

I'm not a morning person. Even in my solo trips, I would usually go out when I can already feel my tummy rumbling for lunch. This is why rare sunrises in my travels are so cherished. Hehe. This particular morning, however, was one of those willing moments. Who wouldn't wake up for an impromptu date when one is busy roaming the world and the other half is busy with Hahaha. A short romantic morning walk to Greenhills and a heavy breakfast with one of my favorite food (noodles) was all I needed to start the day right! I was transported to Hong Kong, China and Singapore in no time (where they would have these breakfast places like congee and noodles). Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight in Virramall was already open before mall hours =D 


A quick introduction about my food preference - My dad always told me that food and eating on time should never be taken for granted when I was young (he grew up in Hong Kong and I think it's one of his secrets behind his success). I think I just found a new appreciation for his words of wisdom. Haha. Me being me, I don't always listen about the things they say about 'breakfast being the most important meal of the day' and I would rather catch some extra sleep/lounging time in the hotel room if I have the chance. I am aware, however, that there are must-try food that you must simply eat for breakfast in other countries or places. I'm a work in progress and the important thing is... I'm quite open to munching on yummy stuff in the morning on occasion like that time with the power breakfast in Taipei. Hehe.


Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight 翡翠上海美食 (FeiCui Shanghai MeiShi) just outside the V-Mall used to be known as Crystal Jade La Mien (noodle) Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings). Today, they've rebranded, made the place more inviting and added more dishes in the menu! I ordered the Wanton Noodle Soup straight away (because it reminded me of mornings eating just that and Dong Nai Cha cold, that's cold milk tea, in Hong Kong and I'm a noodle girl haha). There's a unique taste to the CJ dumplings. I was imagining how their Chinese chefs mashed a fresh ball of shrimp (and other stuff for flavor) by hand and made each one extra full - while finishing one whole big piece :)


The noodles were thinner than I expected  and a lot smoother which surprised me. Easy to slurp too as it just glided so well haha. We split a large order and the picture above is just half! They have a La Mien (noodles petite size) + Dimsum + Chinese Tea set menu by the way, as well as Congee and other Dim Sum available from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.. We actually just laughed at the thought to go there at around 9:45 a.m. the next time so that we can also order from the Lunch menu (best of both) haha.


I was already full with my noodles but we couldn't help and order a basket of traditional Steamed Soupy Xiao Long Bao (P188+10%SC, 5 pcs.) and another basket of Multi-Flavored Xiao Long Bao (P229+10%SC, 5 pcs.)! Haha. I'm a fan of the traditional soup dumplings (takes me back to Shanghai where we can order a tower of baskets and eat just that for lunch!). Three things to remember about these delicate dumplings - they break easily, the soup is absorbed by the meat after a while and they are really best eaten hot! I eat it plain (without the vinegar with ginger), put it in a soup spoon then I bite a hole first, sip the (almost always) scalding hot soup inside before swallowing the dumpling whole hehe. 


For the flavored ones, they have the Spicy Chicken and Spicy Beef so these might give you a sense of "hotness" we associate with steaming food even if you eat them last haha. You can also mix & match a set of 5 assorted among the Spicy Beef (red), Spicy Chicken (dark orange), Cheese (yellow), Shrimp (orange) and Vegetable (& Dried Beancurd, green). They are color-coded by flavor ;) I liked the cheese and beef (hope they have the non-spicy one) better.


Okay, so the next part of my post below occurred on a separate day for lunch. Don't want you to think I have an bottomless pit again like my last time in Singapore haha. I just wanted to provide you with more choices if ever you go there yourself or from lunch to dinner time ;) I didn't eat these alone BTW! For appetizer, I had Deep-Fried Crispy Beef with Sesame (P328+10%SC). They have this in Eel (P288+10%SC) too. Think crispy and thin Cow Label hehe. Very nice sweet munchies to start the meal. I really was amazed and was wondering how they sliced it so thin and made it so crunchy!


I really wanted a Chinese meal so I ordered Wang Lo Kat. My dad has cans of these ready-to-drink herbal teas at home hehe. Tastes great and light, perfect sweetness too and refreshing for a food trip. Like he said, never take food (and drink) for granted... I can't believe I don't get myself one whenever he opens a can at home! Now he's gonna wonder where they went. Haha.


Back to the food, CJ Shanghai Delight also has the Fried Mixed Rice in Hot Stone Pot (P348+10%SC) like Crystal Jade Dining IN (fine dining) at The Fort! It's very fun to eat and kinda healthy too. There's some corn, mushrooms, peanuts and other veggies in there.


I'm kinda biased to this next dish haha - Deep-Fried Mushroom in Salt & Pepper (P288+10%SC)! I counted around 3 different types in there and there's basil =) Yum! Goodbye for a while, my Diet...! LOL


I found this next dish a wonderful pair with the mixed rice - Braised Minced Pork & Mushroom with Cabbage, or simply "Lion's Head" (P358+10%SC). Well, I like saucy stuff and the flavor is not too overwhelming. I just read it in Chinese and it's 红烧 (Hongshao)! I used to eat 红烧日本豆腐Hongshao "Japanese" Tofu almost every day in Beijing. Figures... haha. 


This Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable in Claypot (P300+10%SC) amazed me most of all. It's cooked different from the more elegantly wrapped one in CJ Dining IN. Apart from the flavor (not as sweet and not as salty...), I just loved how this one is a delight to eat with the preserved veggie mix.


I remember being introduced to the preserved veggie way of pairing at the Beef Noodle Street in Taipei and I just loved how it balances the flavor of everything and removes the "suya" factor. One should definitely add a spoonful of this for every bite of the DongPo-style Pork hehe. I'd mix this in with the rice too haha.


If you're looking for more stuff to eat here then the Sauteed Beancurd with Seafood in Hot Stone Pot (P458+10%SC) came highly recommended ;)


For dessert, I tried the Mango Cream with Sago & Pomelo (P130+10%SC). I would have passed on the Pomelo bits as they were a bit bitter for me (or have them separated!) hehe. If avocado is in season (boo-hoo it wasn't at the time I visited), I highly recommend the Chilled Avocado Pudding. I was so ecstatic when I learned that they also serve it here so I don't have to go all the way to The Fort at CJ Dining IN! Hehe.


Also tried the Almond Beancurd with Longan. This is for Jeff since he likes lychee-like fruits. The beancurd was crumbly and he finished it. =)


Woah! Those were two very filling meals hehehe. Wasn't able to finish some and took them home! Haha. I liked the way they packed the Xiao Long Bao! It comes packed like this BTW when you choose to order via City Delivery online or through their hotline 87878 ;)


Crystal Jade Greenhills, Xiao Long Bao for Breakfast and Shanghai Delight for Lunch in V-Mall!

Restaurant Details:
Unit 117-121 V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center,
Greenhills, San Jan
Open Mondays to Sundays 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Breakfast 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
570-5233 / 570-6912