Our Wiki Korea Tour 2013 Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 on Channel M, Team Bibimbap's Route, More Things to Do and Places to Go in Korea!

The Wiki Korea Tour 2013 just finished airing on Channel M! It was shown in 10 countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia =) I didn't want to spoil it for you by spilling out all the details so I decided to wait a while. I myself didn't know what the other team, Team Bibimbap, did and was just amazed as I watched on TV =) One of the things I picked up is that I want to experience some of what they had! Haha. Overall, both teams (ours was Team ASF) had a wonderful time during the tour and it's something that all of us won't forget. Here are Wiki Korea Tour Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 that I got from the Buzz Korea Channel so that you can watch too (without commercial breaks haha)! This way, we can all start planning our 2014 Korea trips and discover a bit more about the 27 icons together ;) I'll tell you more about the Behind the Scenes of Team ASF's Wiki Korea trip in the next posts.

Team ASF (top to bottom, left to right): 
Oppa Ricky (Korean actor), Sunny (China), Kevin (KPOP star)
Lichee (China), Me (Philippines), Nisa (Indonesia), Mathi (France), Basmah (Saudi), Rai (Singapore)

So, there are a total of 5 episodes. Our tour was 7D6N including the flights but the one filmed for the show was around 5 full days. The show is around 1.5 days worth per episode. Um if you're looking for me and I seem shy, it's normal. Hahaha. It took me a few days to adjust to the constant filming (I like posing for pictures than videos haha but I was starting to get the hang of it by the end), the impromptu speaking engagements (I express myself better in writing... there are so many times I found myself just at a loss for coherent English sentences LOL nosebleed - working on this...) and all those surprises that KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) and Buzz Korea had in store for us (out of this world!!!)! You'd find me eating away quietly, smiling at the coolness of it all and then always caught in action with me putting something on my mouth! Haha.

My Reaction to Team Bibimbap's Tour & my (future) Korea Trip Notes / Things to Do in Korea Next Time for Episode 1 - They went to Gangnam and their trip was more about Korean Pop Culture. Getting to wear actual KPOP star outfits at the Korean Wave Experience Center was so cool. I think Garosugil, "the SoHo of Korea", is worth a visit (haven't been there yet). Hehe. Going to a really unique vintage shop frequented by Korean stars would be a treat. I think I would really need to expand my KPOP star knowledge coz it's close to zero in the past few years (I'm stuck in the era of Rain...) haha. They went to Apgugeong for the sticker booth (aww... I want!) and some noraebang (karaoke) while we had ours off-cam and until the wee hours of the morning in Jeju and Seoul with the whole Team ASF, the crew and our managers so that was fun too and I'm glad we didn't miss that experience =) Spending my birthday in Korea like Amina, on the other hand, would be a great idea!!! If someone would treat me to a Cheongdam-dong ("Beverly Hills of Korea") celebration spree too, then thank you in advance hahaha. It's on April 29th BTW ;)

Wiki Korea Tour Episode 2 (FULL) -

My Reaction to Team Bibimbap's Tour & my (future) Korea Trip Notes / Things to Do in Korea Next Time for Episode 2 - Seeing PJY and learning Oppa Gangnam Style in front of the public? That's something I'd like to sit out and watch (Team Bibimbap) with gusto from the bleachers. Haha. Makeover in Myeongdong and letting them transform me into a KPOP star in Dongdaemun though - I like! Dal Shabet's Jiyul seems warm, kikay (in a good way) and fun to hang out with too =)

My Reaction to Team Bibimbap's Tour & my (future) Korea Trip Notes / Things to Do in Korea Next Time for Episode 3 - I wouldn't mind hopping on that bus to Jeonju (haven't been there yet)!  I want to stay at a hanok, eat bibimbap and experience more Korean tradition. I want to try sujeonggwa and try the slow post office! I would like to write that postcard to my future self while on the Wiki Korea Tour... I'm sure they haven't received it yet by this time but I won't be surprised if they get teary-eyed haha. I'm having nostalgic moments myself while reminiscing and watching these Wiki Korea 2013 episodes over and over.... Alexander is such a natural and a ball of energy. He'd always stop by to greet us whenever he got the chance! He's soooo NICE ♥ . He's like a walking reminder for me to let your reservations go and don't really think about looking silly or overly excited in front of the cameras.

I would love to learn more about Jeonju, the thousand-year-old Songgwang Temple with its lotus flowers and cultural relics, Buddhismtemple stay, learning to bow, meditation. That lotus flower teatteok and banchan meal (free refills!) they had looked so delish! Then they headed to the Busan harbor, got to ride a yacht, chill in the hammock like Suwicharn and do a barbeque party aboard!!! Maybe some fishing would be nice too and a night tour or sitting at the beach in the dark with the illuminated Rainbow Bridge in the background (*romantic sigh) hehe. 

My Reaction to Team Bibimbap's Tour & my (future) Korea Trip Notes / Things to Do in Korea Next Time for Episode 5 - They went to Jagalchi Market in Busan and I wouldn't dare to do the things they did haha. Remember my personal experience and how hard it was for me to write about it? I really admire Diyana! Wehehe. I think it would be fun if they had like a sea creature hunt here like our treasure hunt at the Seoul Traditional Market! Hehe. Their time at the Busan Aquarium brought back memories of my first short visit to Busan. They have the most impressive jellyfish tanks and it was love at first sight for me. From Busan, they got to ride the fast KTX back to Seoul!!! I'm considering taking that next time hehe. Another thing they got right was our growing fondness for our teams and the closeness developed as the days went on. During this last episode, tears were already threatening to spill and we could feel the sadness in the air. We have truly grown together as a family and we were brought together here by the generosity of South Korea. Hopefully, there will be a Wiki Korea Tour Part 2. I'm sure we would all like to be reunited again and competition aside, I really think Team ASF and Team Bibimbap would like to be closer to each other and would easily click given the chance. Plus, I realized towards the end that those lapels and cameras were already growing on me too hahaha.

I hope you all liked the videos as I did =) There's so much that happened that's not in there and I'll write about them soon. We definitely won't forget! Kamsamnida! Until the next time! Fighting!

There are other behind the scenes Wiki Korea Tour 2013 Videos on Buzz Korea YouTube by the way =) It's also available in Japanese now.