Oakroom Ortigas Gives a Taste of Korean Food in Manila with Korean Chefs from Oakwood Seoul!

These days, especially after the Wiki Korea Tour, my comfort food preference has gone international haha. I always seem to be craving for the flavors of Korea. Sadly, there are only a few Korean restaus in Manila that I like (good thing most of them are in the Ortigas area hehe). I was super delighted when the invite came from Oakroom! Two Korean chefs from Oakwood Korea are in Manila to cook for Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg guests and Oakroom diners this week :) There's Chef Lee Sangmoo and the Seoul International Food Expo Champion Chef Young Jung Kim from Oakwood Premier COEX Center Seoul. This a la carte offering is good for lunch from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and dinner at Oakroom Bar & Restaurant from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.!


The Tasty, Tangy, Totally Korean Food Fest Menu of Oakroom will happen until this week Friday September 20 only. Here's a sampling! Note: the servings I had are only sample sizes and just a few dishes from the Korean menu.


One of the dishes we tried was this Seafood Pajeon. It's smooth, silky and light - the perfect appetizer! I don't usually eat seafood pancake-style but I easily fell in love with this one =)


There's Kimchi pajeon too although I really, REALLY like the seafood one better. Haha.


This was the first time I've heard about Saewoo Kkae Jup Chae. Kkae means sesame if I'm not mistaken. It's boiled prawn with cucumber, pear, cabbage with mustard and sesame sauce. That one prawn was "malaman" for its size and cooked to the texture of Long Jing shrimps. Mmmm!!! I wasn't too keen on the mustard sauce (tasted Japanese with the wasabi-like flavor) but if you like it then this will be your Korean-style salad in the menu. =D 


I've never heard about the Korean version of Chicken Rice Porridge (in English haha, Dak Juk in Korean!). Well, other countries must have their own versions too. This was made with chicken meat, carrot, squash, onion, sesame seeds and I detect mushroom too haha. I think they used Korean rice too. This dish is a nice addition to the menu - in time for the rainy season and if you're feeling a little under the weather :) 


Half-appetizer, half main-course. Taste soft (melt-in-the-mouth) and pinkish Boiled Beef with pear, apple, lettuce, chestnut and pine nuts. There's the familiar mustard sauce again. 


There's Jap Chae also - glass noodles with carrot, spinach, mushroom, beef, egg, onions and sesame oil in soy sauce. Familiar chewy comfort food. I would have liked more flavor with this one hehe.


I was unconsciously saving up tummy space for this! Haha. As the meal progressed, the dishes that came out became more familiar. The next dish served was the Galbi Gui (grilled beef ribs!). The marinade includes soy sauce, onion, pineapple, sesame seed, sesame oil, Korean pear, garlic, leek, sugar and rice wine =) The meat was super tender and full of flavor with every bite. Sarap!


The Bibimbap is not to be missed also! It was supposed to be Dolsot style (served in sizzling stoneware) so I'm not sure if they served it like this because of our big group haha. Anyway, I LOVED the chefs' take on the bibimbap sauce (just the right spice, red with spoon below). 


You're supposed to put everything you like on the rice like so and it will lead you straight to Korean food heaven (even if you don't like veggies) haha. Basically, it's a healthy mix of steamed rice with mixed veggies, egg, sesame oil and chili paste. 


As a bonus, they prepared Prune Juice with Pine Nuts for us!!! Where do I buy this??? How do I make this??? Hahaha. This one is super smooth and the pine nuts are really a great touch! I learned to appreciate prune juice in Busan during my trip to Korea last year! It tastes close to grape juice =D


I just want to add: I miss Korea already!!! Because of the first picture above, I remembered the special hanbok that Korean top designer Park Sul Nyeo gave me!!! It was one of the highlights of my Wiki Korea Tour (posts soon haha)!


So if you're craving for some Korean or would like to try it, go to Oakroom this weekday ;) Two Korean chefs don't come here often hehe. I really hope this happens again!!! Here's the menu so you can already choose what to eat ahead!



Restaurant Details:
6th Floor, Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig
Open Mondays to Sundays
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