Travel Trivia For the Week: Skywriting, Airport Codes, Airplane Hostel

I’d like to share with you some interesting things in the world of travel that I found this week, along with my thoughts and their sources so you can check them out =) I’ve also inserted some quotes and reminders from my favorite travel guides/sites/gurus.

On Comedy Travel
Winning Idea: How Do I Land? Skywriting Joke


I actually saw a plane writing in the sky in Australia and it was super cool.  Hehe. You can also use this to propose BTW (but it’s super expensive apparently haha). I just love the concept =D Just imagine having an ordinary or bad day then you suddenly look up to see this. It snaps you out of your own bubble.
Quote from - The goal of this project was simple—"together we can insert absurdity into strangers’ lives and (hopefully) make the world a better place"—but enough, and we love it.

On Airline News
How an Incorrect Airport Code Can Send You 7000 Miles in the Wrong Direction


I wish this happened to me hahaha. It really made me think about the importance of those codes and double-checking also if you’ve boarded the right plane, especially for those airports using the same gates with multiple flights like NAIA ;)
Quote from - let this just serve as a reminder to check things once, twice, and even five times. Also, familiarize yourself with some of those airport codes, as a letter here or a letter there can make quite the difference. Finally, please remember that Sydney is a city in Australia as well as in Canada (it’s in Nova Scotia), because that too could probably screw up your travel plans.
On Hotels
Jumbo Stay – Sleep in an Airplane Hostel!


Oh, I would definitely like to see the inside of this converted Boeing 747-200! It has an upper deck too with an executive cockpit suite O_O Where is this? Sweden – near the Stockholm Arlanda Airport!

What do you think about Skywriting? Airport codes? Living in an airplane? Please feel free to comment below hehe.

Travel Trivia For the Week: Skywriting, Airport Codes, Airplane Hostel