#AllIWantforChristmasIsCanon, My Travel Idea for 2013

I'm imagining winning a Canon for Christmas, as an icing on top for winning my trips to Japan and Indonesia this year. Have you heard about the new Canon S110 with WiFi? What a way to share pictures easily with our Travel Tribe on Facebook if I get that one! I'm taking inspiration from my previous post below on the page for this travel idea, only I'm tweaking it a bit, --- that I will be the one to take such gorgeous National Geographic-worthy photos some time in the future 2013, share it to you even before my trip ends and you'll share it around to inspire more people to travel or move hehe.

Picture 1

Inspiration also came from memories of my long lost friend from Beijing, my longing for a DSLR came from him. I had wished for a Canon DSLR for a few years now. He let me borrow his DSLR for a while to take his picture hehe..

Art 0366

Imagine if this was then and we could already share pictures of the beautiful places we've been in real-time with Facebook and our high tech gadgets. I'm sorry I haven't caught up with Instagram and smartphones yet haha. Personally, I think cameras are there to take better pictures. Cameras are made to capture moments in our lives. And moments are supposed to be shared.

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As you know, I also just came from a trip carrying a bulky laptop and it suddenly just gave in. I found it very hard to blog, transfer, edit and organize pictures for a few weeks now while I'm waiting for my new Mac. As a result, I'm looking for ways: (1) to improve my photography so no more extra editing, (2) to make it easy to share travel photos at least on FB so no more looking for computers with SD card slots, and (3) to learn to pack light so no more bringing of cables and other gear except a camera or two for my trips. I am hoping to fulfill these and many more for my 2013! I have also seen the Eye-Fi SD Cards (SD cards with built-in WiFi) in the market as well so I might just try those for fun too if I get a classic Canon DSLR =)

What about you? What do you want for Christmas or the New Year 2013? Do you have a travel idea for this 2013, something that is now possible with the current technology/plans/wishlists that will make travel more fun or easier for you? Please feel free to comment below =)

Here's a video of the first fish tornado shot by the way! Enjoy!

Update 2013: Just got a Canon S110!!! Here's my first post using it - a short daytrip at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City!