Coloud Boom, Pop, Knock Surprise for your Travels!

It's less than a month before Christmas... Parapapampam... I've been playing Christmas music since the morning using my new bright red and lightweight Coloud Knock headphones! Haha. Remember my bright green Urbanears Plattan? I use that to chill and get lost in my world. I literally can't hear anything else other than my music with that one. This Coloud one, my dears, I've been using for working slash blogging (for the times when I can't totally zone out from the calls or the people beside me) =) 


There are three types of Coloud available in the Philippines today - the Boom (P1850), the Pop (P950) and the Knock (P1450). The names make me think of Batman somehow and action comic colors =)


Let's take a closer look at these three, shall we?


First up is a pair of Boom headphones - the most expensive of the three at P1850. The design is minimalist and it's surprisingly light. It has an adjustable band and comes in different colors. I didn't get to test it out sound-wise that much (um because I tested the Knock first and liked it already haha).


The feel of the headphones is important to me. The Coloud headphones, both the Boom and the Knock, actually fits on my head just right. I'm not sure if you will understand but it is not that air-tight (air flows and my ears and head don't get squished which I like). I also like the soft faux leather padding on my ears.


If you look closely, the chord is only on one side of the cups so you get to move more freely if you use the Boom.


The Pop was my choice at first. In my mind, in-ear earphones are the wonderful companions when it comes to traveling. The sound of the Coloud Pop was great, noise-canceling and all - pretty affordable too at P950. I love how the color pink "pops" so it's easy to find. 


This small device also has the cool features of the Boom and Knock - the microphone and remote (one click play/pause, two clicks next song, three clicks previous song)


the linguini wires and the Zound Lasso (this comes in handy in keeping the wires intact). 


It comes with 3 different sets of in-ear sizes. You see the logo in the R part? There's only one side that has that so you can just feel it then you'll know which one is for the right ear!


If you try it on, the in-ear part is angled downwards. I think this works wonders for the sound. And I think I need an even smaller in-ear size haha.


The Knock (P1450) is the best of the three for my own use and I like the fact that it came as a surprise that I will choose headphones over earphones haha. It's also lightweight so I can bring it with me for my travels. It's not air-tight so I can have it on for a long time and it won't fall out of my head. The band is adjustable and hidden haha. It also comes with the mic & remote, the linguini wires, the Zound Lasso, the different colors (screaming red color in this case so I can find it easily haha) 


and it also has the Coloud logo embossed on the right side so I can just feel which side to wear correctly. Hehe. The cups are made of foam, which I surprisingly like for this headphones (and I don't think wear-and-tear is an issue because it depends on how you use it). Take note that it is not foldable so I have to be present always and take extra care when taking this on trips. You can also hear a little wanted outside noise so this is perfect for train rides or airports or when you're in transit where they announce stuff or else you might miss what you don't want to miss haha.


To compare, that is the Knock (black, left), the Boom (white, middle) and the Pop (gray, right).


Here's a chart and a summary for all these models:


You can buy the Coloud headphones Boom and Knock and earphones Pop in the Philippines at the following stores: Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Astrovision, Automatic Center, Avant, Bratpack, Buzz, Electroworld, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iStudio, Mobile 1, Power Hub, Technoholics and Urbanathletics =)

I will also be sending a surprise unit of Coloud headphones/earphones to 2 of my readers! Just because haha.

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I'm curious! I want to know if you are a headphones or earphones kind of gal/guy when traveling. Would you rather take the Boom, Pop or Knock with you and why? What device would you bring with you and what song would you play first and why? Or tell me, what's your favorite Christmas song and why? hehehe. Lastly, which Coloud do you think will I surprise you with (just for fun haha)?! Please feel free to send me your comments and answers below =)

Advanced Merry Christmas! I hope you like what I have in store for you =)

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