*Free RX Sunglasses For Your Trips - Now in 2 Ways!

I came across an online shop called Firmoo recently and was thrilled when I saw that I could order my first pair of RX sunglasses for my travels. It came with my correct prescription and the package was delivered straight to my door. You see, I can't really see far-away objects well and I would always bring disposable contact lenses and my eyeglasses when I go on a trip. I like the Focus Dailies contact lenses but my eyes get tired after more than 8 hours and I can't wear them if I didn't get much sleep. I tried out these pair of sunglasses for my Busan trip and it's the new kind of normal after a few hours! I call these the John Lennon shades. Haha.


I got another pair of Firmoo Aviator RX sunglasses shortly after I got back and I can't wait to try them out again for another trip =)


Each pair has a container (I love that map design! It's perfect for any traveler, right? I think this case is for small frames),


a screwdriver (yey!), four extra screws, extra nose pads, an additional pouch and a small wiping towel!


*You only have to pay for the shipping (mine was around $18 for a Manila address plus P40 for our local postal service - they sent it straight to my address) I bet you can order 2 and save on shipping too! haha. Or use code FRIENDSHIP for free shipping on orders over $39 =)

Ordering is easy. Just go to their site and they will take care of you. I ordered the Unisex Full Frame Wrap-Around Metal Sunglasses in Black (a.k.a. "my John Lennon shades", Model # OTO2355) 


and the Full Frame Aviator Metal Sunglasses in Gun Metal (Model # OTO2325). 


One thing common about both of these is the coverage. The wrap-around feature means that a larger part of my eyes and face are covered from the sun. And I CAN SEE with the prescription haha.


The OTO2325 (below) might be phased out now and I just saw newer designs that I liked in the site (the one on the $68 range)!!!


One of these pairs will undoubtedly be in my next carry-on. =)


Remember: Life is better when you see the world with fresh eyes =) Happy travels! 

Updates: I just used my Firmoo RX Aviators in Boracay and Bolinao and you'll probably see more of it haha.


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Feel free to share in the comments below: Do you have a 20-20 vision or you have prescription glasses? Which Firmoo glasses would you like to have? Are you a sunglass type of gal/guy when you travel? Or do you have any other creative suggestions to block off the sun - eye-wise? I'd love to hear from you!