The Other Hayashi Restaurant with the Best Yakiniku, Since 1953 in Kyoto!

I'm recounting several reasons to go back to Japan and giving tips on where to hang out in Kyoto! Reasons #4 and #5 to go back in Japan are in this post while Reasons #1, #2 and #3 are in the previous Kyoto post. One of my super recommended things to do is to find this 59-year-old (2012) restaurant in Kyoto named Hayashi! If you haven't read my first Kyoto post, then I suggest you read How I Got to Kyoto from Osaka before proceeding to this post.


Reason #4 - You're bound to have a food trip in Japan!
We were super hungry and I remember David asking me to choose between a restaurant in front of us (after walking so long) or walk a little more across the street. I decided to risk it and to see what's in the other farther one across the street. We chanced upon this last homey-looking restaurant near the Kyoto subway.


If there's anything I'd like to do on our last day, it was to eat something good and have beef for a change instead of fish and pork. David was searching for some Japanese burger steak while I was dreaming of thin strips of beef yakiniku. David could speak a little Japanese so he got his burger steak.


I turned to the lady and asked one of the only Japanese word I could muster, "Yakiniku?" and she nodded haha. They had everything we blurted out and we each got a jumbo plate of our dream dishes.


It was the best meal I've had for this trip, the most worth-it meal ever and seemed the most authentic too.


There was no English menu and sign language worked haha. It was family-owned and even the grandmas were manning the cashier and cooking in the kitchen.


When we went out, it turned out that this restaurant was, um, more than 59 years old?!


  • I asked help from a friend to translate the text above :)  
    They're open from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
    "Since we opened our doors for business opened in 1953, we have been dedicated to giving our customers the best (lit: satisfying our customers).
    There are seats available on the second floor. We accept reservations for functions and events. Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries."

We had the most awesome shock of our lives and we were both smiling on the way back to Osaka, all ready for the flight home and to end this trip. Although we walked a lot and didn't follow any set itinerary, the day turned out perfectly. We found our way, took tons of pictures, found the first signs of spring in Japan and had the best last meal before a flight. Kyoto was worth all the trains, walking energy and money we had spent.

Directions to my best yakiniku in Kyoto: If you're looking for it, it's in front of a bus stop.


You can see this menu just outside of the Hayashi restaurant in Kyoto =)


Here's the restaurant name - Hayashi はやし! 

はやし hayashi restaurant kyoto

(There's another high-end Hayashi restaurant that comes up in Google searches). Based on what I remember, going back to the subway Exit 2 of Higashiyama Station - we turned right to a corner and you can see a McDonalds and walked straight (subway exit on the right). Just head the other way.


Reason #5 - I know a little more about Japan now and how to go back haha.

We got back to Osaka in the early evening - just a little past 6 p.m. and it was time to start walking and lugging our things from Hotel Vista Grande Osaka to the JR Namba Station (warning - bad idea when it's raining and if you have lots of luggage like me...).


They introduced us to the most convenient and finest ride in Osaka to the Kansai International Airport next - the JR Airport Express.


It's like the Hong Kong Airport Express and the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka (bullet train).


I breathed a sigh of relief after the baggages were in the cabin compartment and there was no place else to go but sit down - no more transfers like getting off and on a bus or any modes of transport to get inside the airport and no more walking haha (I should really learn to pack light...).


We departed from the JR Kansai Airport Line (connected to the JR Namba station, Airport Express ticket costs 700 yen) and we arrived with plenty of time left for our flight.


That's definitely more time to think more about this trip and how a lot can happen in a day, let alone in the last 7 days that I was here.

I'm not exactly sure but I believe there are shuttle buses available too (just click on the image).


What a super fun trip! And I'll see you soon, my new friends from another part of the world - Malaysia! =) Photo below by David of Malaysia Asia.


Thank you for the memories! Thank you, Air Asia X. As for Japan, I know there's plenty more for next time and you're waiting to unveil your wonders to me! Until we meet again =)



Got any restaurant suggestions and foodie finds or favorite transpo rides and routes in Japan, Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto? Tell me all about it below! To make it closer to home, what is your favorite Japanese food of all time? =)

The Other Hayashi Restaurant with the Best Yakiniku, Since 1953 in Kyoto!