Bubble Tea, Celebrate Octoberfest with A Giant Milk Tea Tower!

How's your October so far? I know the original Oktoberfest held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany is already done (September to early October) but the "Octoberfest" here in Manila can still be felt and is extended like our Christmas season hehe. Let me tell you about this treat that made me gasp when I first saw it! As some of you might know, Bubble Tea Restaurant is included in my Favorite Guiltless Date Places in Manila list. Today, I'd like for you to experience a different kind of Octoberfest in Manila =) Instead of beer, how about a family-friendly and a fun-for-all-ages Bubble Tea Milk Tea Tower experience for around 8 people?! I love the fact that Bubble Tea is bring people together so all of us can celebrate this seasonal and wholesome October Milk Tea Fest for the whole month =)


Let me tell you a little about Bubble Tea first. Bubble Tea serves Canadian-style Milk Tea (kam-cha) and serves Japan-fusion food in their Greenhills, Tomas Morato, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Fort Bonifacio, Harbor Point Mall Subic and Westgate Alabang (newly opened!) branches

They also have cakes and pastries at Honeybee (there's a big Honeybee in the Bubble Tea Greenhills branch) which you can order at the Bubble Tea restaurant.


A brief introduction of my food preference: I love milk tea (the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thai type the most) and I'm addicted to those chewy big pearls haha. I like some ice cream in it too like they do in Bubble Tea =) I'm very glad that the milk tea craze has spread like wildfire here in Manila. It's also great that most of them offer other flavor options like the Wintermelon Milk Tea of Gluteany and the Honey Dew Melon of Bubble Tea. As for food, I like Japanese fusion restaurants because I get to try other items in the menu that are cooked. Ramen, my fav, will also most likely be there =)


The highlight this month for Bubble Tea is on their seasonal October Milk Tea Fest. So, this is a 2.5-Liter treat and is equivalent to 8 to 10 medium glasses of Taro Milk Tea, Royal Milk Tea or Chocolate Milk Tea! The tower includes the usual serving of large and small bubbles. The Milk Tea Tower costs P699 only (save P300)! You have the option to include add-ons for a certain price in the menu. This photo of available Bubble Tea flavors below are for illustration purposes only, obviously not the actual tower and one flavor only for the tower..


You can definitely pair this with these items on the menu!!!

Bubble Tea's Okonomiyaki,


Chicken Teriyaki Doria,


Maki-Zushi Dragon,


Tofu Steak and


(I don't know what it's called but I call it) Honeybee's Addicting Kani Cheese Pastry =)


Okay, so I'm giving away 2 Bubble Tea Milk Tea Towers for you and your friends/family/whoever you want, any flavor and at any branch you want where it is available. You can claim and consume it at Bubble Tea until October 31, 2012 =) These are 2 giveaways so read the instructions carefully!


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Prize - 2 winners of Bubble Tea Milk Tea Tower for all entries
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Bubble Tea is also having their own photo contest. See poster below and their Facebook page for details.

Have you tried Bubble Tea yet? Which Bubble Tea is near you? What flavor would you order for your Milk Tea Tower - Taro Milk Tea, Chocolate Milk Tea or Royal Milk Tea?

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Restaurant Details:
Bubble Tea Restaurant Branches and Menu in http://www.tokyobubbletea.jp/
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