Things to Do in Korea, Off the Beaten Track and Simply Fun Things to Try

Inspired by this recent discovery of another travel opportunity and my upcoming flight (from Manila to Busan, South Korea today!!!), allow me to indulge once again and blog this early about a few things that I've missed to do during my three visits (so far, fourth in a few hours hihi) and also what I would still want to do in my future Korea trips! I'm gonna tie this all up to what I'm looking forward to do in Busan in the next 6 days =) My head is swimming with everything Korea today with all the excitement and I believe my trip has already started in my mind.

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Fall in Nami Island

For those of you who don't know yet, I'm no stranger to South Korea. It has captured my heart in so many ways and most importantly, inspired me to be a travel blogger. My 2009 11-Day trip to Korea has been chronicled per day in this blog and my post A Guide to Seoul, A Life-Changing Trip is one of the most viewed in Guiltless Getaways. I might not have said this before but I purposely leave out other experiences so that I have more reasons to go back. I know I'll be back soon hehehe.  I'm just about to go there today, to Busan this time, and I'm already planning my next one through this haha.

Things I Would Gladly Repeat Doing in Korea
  • go back to the streets of Nandaemun and do some shopping until I drop
  • go back to Hongdae for some Korean BBQ (chadol and samgyeupsal all I can!)
  • go back to Nami Island for fall and stay there for a night or two
  • go back to Everland and finally ride the wooden roller coaster (been there twice and no luck!)
  • go back to Cheonggyecheon Stream and walk the whole stretch (look for the Wall of Wishes)
  • go back to the Banpo Bridge with its rainbow musical fountain (and find an easier route)
  • revisit the Namsan area and stay longer (the N Seoul Tower has a cool shop filled with travel items!)
namsan fountain
  • hangout in my most favorite airport in the world - ICN!
  • spend more time in Ssamziegil and other art spaces
  • enjoy another theater performance (like the Nanta and the Drawing Show)
  • eat tteokbokki in a pojongmacha (and drink a shot of soju)
  • have some of those awesome and juicy strawberries in Korea!
  • revisit nature (like the whole of Jeju Island) and do some light hiking
Mt. Seorak
  • revisit other palaces, UNESCO heritage sites and UNESCO global geoparks
  • visit other provinces and cities in Korea

From this point of the post, I will put the rest of the pictures when I've done the things in the list below =)

My Dream Things to Do in Korea
  • visit a Hallyu film location or meet a Hallyu star (Choi Ji-Woo, Bae Yong-Joon, Yoon Eun-hye, Lee Min Ho, Rain, Lee Da Hae and Gong Yoo please!)
  • learn more about KPOP and local bang (room) cultures
  • visit their many museums
  • take a trip to the DMZ (the boundary between North and South Korea)
  • try some budae jjigae (army base stew)
  • find some chewy sweet pumpkin pizza
  • meet a grandma diver and eat her fresh catch (cooked)
  • eat a royal meal or dine in an imperial family estate (like Min's Club)
  • visit Korea during winter and do some ice fishing and skiing
  • attend a Korean festival (like the Boryeong mud festival) or do some crazy fun things like attend these music festivals 
  • be in Busan in time for the PIFF (Busan International Film Festival) or during the Jeongwol Daeboreum Festival (bonfires by the beach!)
  • go camping with friends or have a picnic at a white sand beach (like in Jeongdo Island)
  • volunteer for an organic farm or vineyard
  • go piggyback with my loved one (Korean-style) on a field of flowers/plants a la Miss Flower Spring =)
  • go to the Andong Hanoe Village to see traditional Korea
  • visit these 22 photogenic destinations in Korea and take my picture there haha
  • be in Korea either on February 14 (Valentine's Day), March 14 (White Day), April 14 (Black Day) or May 14 (Kiss Day) with my partner
  • learn to sing three modern Korean love songs (the whole song)
  • learn conversational Korean (and probably rent a 24-hour study room) or to cook Korean in Korea (I'm a big fan of Seoul Eats and their culinary tours)
  • go on a blogging tour as a representative of the Philippines with the KTO (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • experience all major airlines to Korea and within Korea
  • go on a fun weekend road trip in Korea with Korean friends (influence of Koreanovelas haha)
Hoping to do these in Busan this week =) - *updated! I did these and many more =)

  • spa-all-I-can in a jjimjilbang - *update - I was out by the 2nd hour! haha. 
  • go to an ancient hot spring area (like the Dongnae Hot Springs) - *update - no time
  • go to a summer destination (like Busan's famous beaches) - *update - I fell in love with the bridge at night in Gwanganli beach =)
  • sleep in a cozy ondol room (yey! homestay in Korea!) and make new Korean friends - *update - BEST HOST EVER!!! Kamsamnida, Eunni! You made this trip super special =) I shall visit you again =) Anyone going to Busan must stay at her place! I super duper recommend it =)
  • order delivery from a Korean fried chicken joint - *update! We were hungry when we arrived from the night flight and we were dead tired to look for a restaurant. This was the solution! haha Yumminess!
  • splurge in seafood and eat in a Taejongdae clam tent or by the beach - *update - got to Taejongdae but had to go back early so I missed the clam tent
  • go to an ancient temple (like seaside Yonggunsa temple) - *update! took my breath away =)
  • shop at Centum City (one of the largest shopping centers in the world!) - *update - oh, I shopped for food alright, see those gadgets?! they buzz when the food is ready =) Spa Land after haha.
  • shop at underground markets - *update! time not enough to walk them all... haha
  • watch a live baseball game in a stadium - *update - There was a game and I traded the live one for the yummiest galbi dinner with our gracious homestay host! I watched this instead at the Gimhae airport while waiting for my flight home =) Watching it on TV has its perks (zoomed in and you don't have to reserve for tickets)! 
  • visit a cave bar and restaurant - *update - completely forgot about this..
  • go to Korea's largest seafood market - *update - ...and watch friends eat wiggling raw octupus hehe
  • eat LOTS of Korean food - *update - ahem, this is just LUNCH! ahahaha.

I hope you had fun reading my post! The list gets longer after my every trip to Korea. Haha. If you're a first-timer in Seoul, I suggest you draw things from my Seoul and nearby areas posts to make your DIY trip and do some more research online to personalize your trip =)

Happy travels!