An Android Phone for Your Travels!

Here I am, on the eve of another adventure, preparing for my next trip back to South Korea tomorrow! Among the luggage-full of things I will bring with me on my trip is an Android phone, which I will be putting to the test in a (hopefully) WiFi-friendly city called Busan. Before I go, I will launch this giveaway so that we can all keep the conversation going for my next big trips to Thailand and Singapore!


First off, let me introduce you to the newest line of DTC Mobile phones available for the Filipino travelers today - the DTC GT3 Astroid Android phone, which I'd had the pleasure of navigating and using for some time now, 

dtc-mobile-gt3 astroid.jpg

the soon-to-launch GE2 (designed with a long battery life for your short trips and jam-packed bag haha)


and the soon-to-launch GB3 (designed for the rough and tough roads).


I will be giving away 1 unit of GT3 Astroid to one of my readers.


It's a dual-sim Android touch-screen phone.


Get this, it comes with two long-life batteries (yey!), a screen protector, a pair of earphones, a 2GB memory card, a USB plug with micro tip (fits my Blackberry too so that I can charge these on computers too double yey!) and socket plug.


It has 2 camera phones and an FM Radio as well.


Because it is an Android phone, I've downloaded some free guide apps and maps for my trips from the Play Store. (You see the two blanks in the middle? I'll ask for your help to fill it and put some more in the giveaway.)


I'm currently a fan of Word Search (it will be very, very useful in train stations or long waiting times)


and use my GT3 to watch TED and YouTube videos hehe (you can turn the auto-rotate function on or off). I have WiFi and put in a 32GB Micro SD Card.


To charge, I just plug my GT3 in my Mac while I'm working or blogging.


To stay updated, my GT3 Astroid has a quick pull-down function where I can see the latest Facebook, Twitter and email notifications.


If everything is so overwhelming and slowing down already, I just go to the Task Manager and quit all applications haha.


Anyway, I'm excited to bring my GT3 to Busan and my next trips!!! Could you help me out by suggesting (free haha) apps to download from the Play Store (which are not yet here)? It may be an app that has USEFUL information for Busan, Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Singapore or a game aside from (not) Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfer, Bejeweled, Coin Dozer, Smurfs and Plants vs. Zombies. I'm more of a Word Search, Ticket to Ride and a Hangaroo kind of gal hehe.

By the way, I will also be giving away a unit of the GE2 and a unit of the GB3 to you guys! They will be released soon this month! The GE2 has a long battery life (60 days on standby) while the GB3 is a basic and affordable heavy-duty phone (Don't you just miss the old phones that are still alright no matter how many times it falls?!).

Check out the other DTC phones now! All that money saved for more travels!


Contest Period is from September 18, 2012 12:01 a.m. EST to October 17, 2012 12:01 a.m. EST. Open to all those with a valid mailing address in the Philippines (for Philippine residents only).

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