Team Coke and the Enchanted Amazing Race

This year, I'm proud to say that I started the Chinese New Year on the right path to happiness and adventure. Not only did I spend the day celebrating a 100 years of Coke in the Philippines and new partnerships, 'twas also the day of my very first Amazing Race at a childhood happy place, Enchanted Kingdom.

I don't have the childhood pictures anymore, all I have are decade old memories of my family and dates with Jeff at Enchanted Kingdom (EK). 

I have always been and will always be an amusement park kind of girl. 

I would drag you to roller coasters, race you to the bump cars and survive munching on churros and mini donuts for lunch.

On this day, Coke and Enchanted Kingdom brought us (Team Coke hahaha) together. They gave us Royal Grape (EK colors) and I think it did help with the race. 

The goal looked simple enough: 6 teams, 7 rides race, looked easy. And we had time so Jeff and I explored a bit. 

The EKstreme ride was new for us. It has definitely been quite a while since I've been here.

I was also super excited to have that big Ice Monster cup (thought it already disappeared in the market). 

I definitely needed one for the heat on that day. 

I wasn't exactly supposed to be in the race and I didn't think three big and fast guys would lose the race with me around but they needed me.

20 minutes for the Grand Carousel. 2 hours for the Rio Grande Rapids. 45 minutes for the Space Shuttle. 1.5 hours for the Jungle Log Jam. 1.5 hours for the Wheel of Fate. 30 minutes for the Up, Up and Away.  20 minutes for the Boulderville Express. Needless to say, it became the Amazing Wait on a Sunday when EK was super packed with families celebrating a long weekend.

It was a fun experience because Team Coke was all in it together from wet to dry, from running to walking, from waiting in line to laughing at each other's moments, from extreme to kiddie rides and from extreme heat and sunlight into the cold night. Here's a suggestion for the long waiting line.

Our best moments were spent on the Grand Carousel when we were warming up and all red, Rio Grande Rapids when Jayson screamed to his lungs, on the Space Shuttle when Carl wet his eyes, on the Jungle Log Jam when we were watching a group of Europeans sing and dance to keep themselves and us entertained while waiting in line, on the Wheel of Fate and loving the night, on the Up, Up and Away while eating a cup of French fries and on the Boulderville Express when we knew somebody had already won the race and yet we still persisted to finish as a team. 

Sorry I can't leak out the funny videos just yet.

It was also the day I realized that I have what it takes to be in an Amazing race and I don't have to hold back haha. 

The experience also gave me a whole new appreciation and an "idea-on-what-to-do-when" in an amusement park to make it more exciting with a bunch of friends. 

Even the ferris wheel became exciting and fun again. More so when you realize that the two big boys in front of you can't take it but still managed to look cool and calm. Hahaha.

In the end, the journey was the destination. And that's what counts. Happiness in a whole new light! Cheers to Jeff, Carl and Jayson of Team Coke. Hahaha. Until our next adventure!

For Enchanted Kingdom Details, click here. That's Wizard Eldar there and me transformed hahaha. Enchanting, huh?