How to Get to Nagsasa Cove, Anawangin Cove and Capones Island

This was Day 2 of my Nagsasa Trip with Anywhere Philippines. In it, you'll find my inside story, some tips and a link that will probably give you an idea as to how to do a DIY Nagsasa, Anawangin or Capones Trip with your friends.

I woke up to bright lights and remembered that I had just slept in a tent. Apparently, one good thing that can come out of being in a place with no electricity and having no sense of time was that I slept super early thinking that it must be late already because the stars were out and it was pitch-dark.

Energized and ready for the last half-day ahead, I volunteered to help out and cook breakfast for the guys. This, cooking for people, I miss. I spent the entire time reminiscing my perfect corned beef days in Beijing. I'm glad for the hotdog, fried rice, pesto pasta and ensalada too. This kept our tummies full for our late lunch that will come after we get on a boat and van back to Subic.

After that heavy meal, I was nowhere ready to leave so I zipped up my tent and slept for a while more - markings of a spoiled bum haha - while others swam or rested some more. 

When told that there was still time because they had to disassemble the tents and pack up, I changed to my swimwear and headed out with my goggles to the water like I did the day before. Again, there was the Nagsasa view in front of me and it was as if I had left everything else that's been in my head there in the shore. This was one experience that I'll make sure never to forget.

We were the last ones to leave the cove for the weekend a little after noon. 

This was one trip where the weather was all grey and unpredictable so I was in full gear after my shower. 

The boat trip back to civilization was one heck of a fun ride. It was like a roller coaster with matching water log jam, only this time it was continuous and lasted for around 40 minutes to an hour (with a healthy mix of rain and seawater). I did enjoy the rock formations and the view as well just like the previous day

Happy peanuts, my windbreaker with a hood, my sarong, my eyeglasses, a lifevest and plastic saved our valuables and kept me dry (not in all areas) and warm in my condition (was not feeling well on-and-off since the start of the trip). Other more adventurous members of the group welcomed the splashes and big drops of rain, jumped off the boat when we were near and swam to the shore.

After a change of clothes and karaoke "Stupid!" singing time in one of the rental huts in the shore, we proceeded to the van parking. 

Our late merner (merienda-dinner) was one to two hours away in Subic. We had an Xtreme Pizza in Xtremely Expresso to cap the night. 

Two more hours later, we woke up and we were in Manila.

Guiltless Getaway Nagsasa
I realized then that I wasn't sad at all that the trip ended. 

If there is anything I have learned in Nagsasa, it's that when you're fully present to the moment and you were actually there during the trip (whether it was to do some beach bumming, camping or dancing in the rain), there is everything to be happy about and be grateful for. It also helped me look at the future like planning more trips and moving forward.

Interested in a Nagsasa, Anawangin or Capones Trip?

All the basics are now at your fingertips. 

My buddy here has been to places I haven't been yet!

If you would like to replicate my trip, just go and find Anywhere Philippines. Their all-inclusive beach bum themed trip to Nagsasa costs around P2800 while Anton's DIY trip estimate is at P2000. If everything else like the schedule fits nicely, I would gladly go with you too. Haha.

I'm giving away Anywhere Philippines Travel GCs by the way on Girl Kuripot =)

To Anywhere Philippines and my new friends, thanks for the wonderful Nagsasa memories