Mindanao Series: Davao Short Trip Part II of II

It's funny how you go to other provinces in the Philippines looking for some local flavor and they all point you to the newest craze they have in town. For those next two days, there were attempts to get some feedback from the drivers of those yellow, blue, purple pastel Maligaya (happy) taxis and a few frequent travellers who were with me in Davao. "Where do you go to normally when you're in Davao and you can't go very far?" I've come up with just a few of the old and the new to do in the main part of Davao, aside from those I have already mentioned in the first part.

Penong's Chicken Inasal was highly recommended. I didn't think it could compare with the ones in Iloilo or Bacolod at first. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise. Penong's was flat and it should be called strips because there was almost no bone. Unlike it's Visayas counterpart, this one was sweeter, moist and tender at P92.

My friends ordered some Shrimp Sinigang and Grilled Fish too. 

There is affordable grilled seafood every day in Davao.

Care for some crabs from the Crab Buffet too?

If you can't get enough of chicken, the Greaseless Chicken (P158) of Yellow Fin is something you might want to take home.

We rode a taxi (flat rate: P40, P7.50 for disabled) to Aldevinco (closed Sundays) for some souvenirs. 

Aside from pearls, 

there were other interesting finds I associate to Mindanao like these tribal necklaces 

and the malongs (wrap-arounds). 

I also saw this kubing for the first time here 

and this cool convertible fan/hat.

The newest craze in Davao I was talking about was a mall - Abreeza Mall by Ayala (big and spacious like Trinoma). My friend and I watched a movie and we almost missed our flight. No long lines, new cinema, something for the Davao heat, updated with the latest movies and cheaper tickets (P125 for X-men). 

My friend was also craving for some Starbucks in Davao. She's lucky (there wasn't even one opened yet in Iloilo when I went there).

Finally, my favorite was a quiet morning stroll in People's Park

It is located just across our hotel Casa Leticia and I've wanted to explore it ever since my first day. It is easily recognizable with its Durian-shaped dome. I couldn't afford to wander off and go very far to explore Davao since this was not like any of my trips where I had all the time to myself.  

It was closed for maintenance actually but they let in visitors like me who came all the way from Manila. 

This brief moment when I had the place to myself was one of the memorable parts of this short trip. After the explorer had enough of the waterfall, 

the pine grove, 

the playground, 

and the picnic ground,

an empty scene unfolds. 

Equally-spaced benches, shady trees and the cool air drew me in. Davao had just celebrated its 9th year (2011) of being a smoke-free city and the rewards are priceless. It was time to appreciate the life, the peace and the quiet that this local park in Mindanao provides.

It was definitely something in Davao that I was taking home with me.

Mindanao Series: Davao Short Trip Part I of II
Mindanao Series: Davao Short Trip Part II of II