Singapore Series: Let's Talk Green

This second Singapore trip involved a budget upgrade. I took my first ever Jetstar plane to Singapore (instant upgrade to Terminal 3) and splurged for comfort at the Hotel Ibis in Bencoolen. I was sure that my trip will not be the same as the one that occurred a month before this. For one, there was a little research involved from a different set of friends. I would probably be where I hadn't been, eat what I hadn't eaten and be where the locals are.

At the same time, I squeezed in a few favorites into the rough itinerary by actively suggesting and clearing up that I was perfectly fine to repeat the whole experience. Here are a lot more things to do in Singapore. This is the first part of a series of posts. Scroll down to read more green stuff.

Things to Eat in Singapore: Vegetarian Food at the Fortune Center
According to my friend’s vegetarian aunt who welcomed us to Singapore, she would never find this Pine Tree Café tucked away on the second floor of the Fortune Center without the recommendation of her friends.

This platter was good enough for three and I liked to mix the whole thing together for a very filling and saltier veggie dish.

Things to Do in Singapore: Find the Route to the Singapore Flyer

There was no shortcut to the Singapore Flyer by MRT, the closest being the Promenade Station Exit A. Just follow and walk to the big circle. Well, we took the wrong exit and had to circle office buildings.

Things to Do in Singapore: Take the Journey to the Singapore Flyer
I was surprised to see that a mall housed the Singapore Flyer. We passed by this couple on our way there. It made the place and experience very romantic. 

First, we went through the Journey of Dreams after presenting our online tickets. If ever you want to find similar structures all over the world, simply consult this map.

It took us approximately 30 minutes to complete the whole circle. That precious time was spent admiring the view from the side, the top and the other side of Singapore. Of course, relaxing, taking pictures, watching the National Parade practice from above and figuring out how the Flyer actually works kept us busy the whole time.

Best time for me – near sundown where you get to see the sky change color and see the Singapore Flyer come alive with colorful lights.

Things to Do in Singapore: Take the Helix Pedestrian Bridge to the Marina Bay Sands
I watched the MBS from a distance during my first trip.

This time, we came in closer, took the wonderful path through the Helix Walk (see the lights to my left) and went in to one of the grandest malls I’ve ever seen. It almost seemed like the super high-end and signature stores were only there for display and I was there only as an observer. I was also looking forward to eating at the Food Court and in the end, I am still for hawker center food.

Things to Do in Singapore: Explore a Horticultural Park, Take the Forest Walk
Morning came and I was looking forward to some garden and flower appreciation. Thank goodness I was wearing rubber shoes. I never expected what was coming.

I was thinking how a place like this could exist in Singapore and it’s just one part of the adventure.

The Forest Walk is 1.3 Km long with heights from 3 meters to as high as 18 meters above the ground.

It’s a good exercise and there’s no going back once you start. I was safe and close to nature, calmed by the view of the forest before me. Well, except for the times when joggers pass by and shake the only route. This is the point where it starts, or ends.

Things to Do in Singapore: Take a Hike
We were in Mt. Faber by the way, the second highest hill in Singapore. We made our way to a top.

Here you’ll see an ideal playground for serious martial arts students and practitioners.

Have your back at them and nobody’s going to disturb your view while sitting on these benches.

It reminded me of the fountained gardens at the Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, only this one was simpler without the fountains and there were no statues encrusted in gold leaf.

Things to Do in Singapore:  Find the Waves Above Ground
The next goal was to find the Henderson Waves.

At 36 meters above the Henderson Road, this bridge is your ticket to go from Mt. Faber Park to the Telok Blangah Hill Park.

The view and the fresh air were intoxicating and the curved “ribs” of the waves provided shade from the harsh sun, making it an ideal place for pre-nuptial photos and picnics.

Take in a Little More, You’re Almost There

It was a long hike up and down to the Marang Trail filled with “we’re almost there, you see that building beyond the trees?” with a matching finger pointing to the Harbour Front MRT Station. It’s hard to imagine that tiny Singapore was filled with so much green.