How to Chill in Singapore - 13 More Things to Do in Singapore

Following a very lasting first impression, my days in Singapore continued to be anything and everything but dull and blah. Curiosity got the best of me. The days were filled with more adventures and more food. If I ever find myself back in Singapore, I would still pick out some of the same things in my first checklist and this second checklist.

Things to Eat in Singapore: Morning Toast Box
We have Toast Box in Manila although it’s also nice to experience where it all began so early in the morning.

The soft-boiled egg with soy sauce mix is something I eat only when suggested (and people around me normally do the same thing, I'm in the perfect place to do so).

Things to Do in Singapore: Universal Studios Singapore

If there’s anything that scares me the most, it’s the thought of aliens, mummys and dinosaurs. I experienced them all together in this one place – the jaw-dropping Cylon Ride (representing aliens), the Mummy indoor roller coaster and the wet Dinosaur ride. 

Good thing I knew I was in an amusement park and busy getting lost in the excitement of roller coasters. I decided to make the most of my $70 SGD (approximately, x P35), enjoy the scary parts without my glasses and amuse myself in a kingdom Far Far Away next door.

Funny how the charm of Hollywood, Beetlejuice, Charlie Chaplin, Shrek, Steven Spielberg and Madagascar brought me back to reality. 

Things to Do in Singapore: Walk the Aisles of the Big Hershey's Chocolate Store
There's also a big Hershey's Chocolate store right beside Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa!

Things to Do in Singapore: Go to the East Coast Lagoon Food Village
After a whole day of fun under the sun, our friends brought us to the East Coast Village for a late dinner. 

There’s sugar cane juice, this veggie dish called Kailan, stingray and cereal prawns there even at that hour. 

I got another look at a hawker center, so unlike the Lau Pa Sat and what I see in TV. It looked like a beach hangout. 

There’s a wakeboarding site nearby as well as a view of tankers. 

You wouldn’t want to swim in these waters though. This is the aerial view of what I'm talking about.

Things to Eat in Singapore: Chili Crabs!

This I recommend for sharing and going all the way to the East Coast Village for – the oh so yummy Chili Crabs ($32SGD, so different from the ones I imagined, tangy and spicy) perfectly paired with Chinese ManTou (around $10 SGD).

Things to Eat in Singapore: Wanton Horfun!

This unbelievably delicious Wanton Horfun is heaven with that homemade chili, barbequed pork and wanton pieces.  Who would believe it’s only $5 SGD! 

Note: My friend said for hawker stalls, SML (Small, Medium and Large) sizes are equivalent to the $3/$4/$5 SGD options in the menu board.

Things to Do in Singapore: Find Wee Nam Kee in Novena
Wee Nam Kee seems to be popular among Pinoys. I think I saw a couple of people I knew from college in the restaurant. 

The one we went to is located in Novena, near the Velocity Mall where you can catch sports items and Cotton On. I had been warned that stores in Singapore, even for famous brands, have different prices depending on location.

Things to Eat in Singapore: Wee Nam Kee, Roasted Chicken and Barley Tea!
I’m not really a fan of the White Hainanese Chicken even when it came with a big bowl of soup and unlimited ginger dip but Wee Nam Kee’s Roasted Chicken was new for me. 

I would definitely order that again and the Barley Tea, which was different, refreshing and light. 

Go on and add a little Beef Horfan and veggie to your barkada meal. Wee Nam Kee is definitely meant for sharing.

Things to Eat in Singapore: Cold Stone Creamery
I got my first taste of the Cold Stone Creamery fad in Beijing. 

I never could figure out what to put and which flavors would complement without all the chocolate so it’s Strawberry Shortcake to share for me.

Things to Do in Singapore: Go to the Top of the Orchard Central Then Look Down

Aside from the climbing wall inside of the mall and the Greenhills-type weekend market that’s probably seasonal in one of the upper floors, 

there’s also a 24/7 Roof Garden along with al-fresco restaurants on the topmost floor. 

Look down to see this skate park. 

I wondered what these red roofs are and my friend told me what they were.

Things to Do in Singapore: Have a Stroll and Enjoy the Peranakan Houses
She said they were Peranakan houses. I’ve heard that term before. 

Here’s another piece of history.

Chinese settlers eventually made Singapore their new home and embraced the local culture, just like what happened in the Philippines. 

This area is called Emerald Hill today, a subdivision of sorts where you’ll find the old rich houses of Chinese settlers, still livable and comes with a hefty price tag. 

The entrance near Orchard Road has been converted into a few bars and restaurants but the colorful exteriors and Chinese influence can still be seen there.

Things to Do in Singapore: Hang Out in Clarke Quay
It’s hard to imagine that this first trip was going to end already the next day. Clark Quay kept popping up in our conversations but I had no intention to get drunk and party. Who knew that a night out in Singapore could be as calm and relaxing in a place like Clarke Quay, definitely not what I expected. 

It was possible to pick among the many restaurants and just chill. 

There was a clinic-themed restaurant, a belly dancing show enticing the onlookers to try their Persian restaurant and many more to choose from. 

We went for Verve's pizza while enjoying the night scene unfold. I also found out that the area of Clarke Quay used to be like this in the 1950s based on a history overview placard near the entrance. Indeed, so much has changed.

Today, there are musicians there and a GX5 catapult for the modern day Singaporean and tourist.

Things to Do in Singapore: Walk to The Fullerton Hotel
The other last thing to do is to shed those extra pounds from all the eating.  We walked around Clarke Quay to this view then all the way to the back of The Fullerton Hotel. Wait, one last munchie!

We passed by a vendor selling a $1.50 SGD ice cream sandwiched in thin wafer. We passed by the other side, the front part facing the bay, on our first night

I felt like I went around the full circle to complete my Singapore walking tour that had started when we arrived. 

The Fullerton Building turned out to be the old post office in Singapore!

It did look like the Manila Post Office with its tall columns and design

It has been converted into a posh hotel today. 

Leaving For the First Time
I was already getting used to the pleasant Singapore surprises. Our schedule was not set to stone but we were quite busy. It was good to know that spending time with friends and family were important to the Singaporean working culture (at least for their company) and our friends were with us the whole time while on leave. It’s also a good thing that my second Singapore trip was already booked and I didn’t have to wait that long. I could tell you now - it was like I never left.

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