Manila '10 - 3 Ways to Participate In The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Asia grand prize money is $100,000. If you become one of the teams in this race, you can win more (non-cash prizes like trips) depending on the pitstop. You also get to travel and see the world hurriedly but you will take all these experience with you PLUS bragging rights. The Amazing Race Asia has been airing since 2006 exclusively on AXN. You should be outgoing and adventurous and hand in a very convincing 3-minute audition video with your partner. There will be preliminary section rounds before the actual race. You will be off-radar from your family and friends for about a month or so for the race. And if you get eliminated early in the race, you can't go home just yet (you have to stay with the producers until the race is over).

Lani became more famous when she joined as 
Team Philippines in The Amazing Race Asia Season 4!

Do you know what I'm getting at? Are you willing to do anything to travel or to have this great experience?

If you are still interested in The Amazing Race Asia, here are some FAQs regarding eligibility, application and the race.

3 Ways to Participate in The Amazing Race

Joining an extreme reality TV show like The Amazing Race Asia is not an easy feat. Challenges can range from eating gross food to doing activities that require endurance and agility to conquering your fears. You must also be well-rounded because you may be required to go swimming, biking, driving or playing any kind of sport in the challenges. Note: You must be a US passport holder if you want to compete for the original CBS Amazing Race.

Starting to back out? Here are 3 more ways to participate in The Amazing Race.

1. Arrange a Live Viewing Date at National Sports Grill

Just like the Manny Pacquiao fights, FIFA World Cup matches and ADMU-DLSU games, The Amazing Race Asia can also be watched in National Sports Grill.


The beauty of this setup is that you can relate with The Amazing Race Asia even if you're not a sports buff. You will be connected to the contestants in more than one way (either by things you fear, things you can do, things you wish they do, things they accomplished, your nationality, your same character or the places they went to).


Trust me when I say it gets cooler when the contestants (even just a team) are there to watch it with you. You will be rooting for them in no time even if you just met them for the first time. Of course, the secrecy on who finally won the race remains while the whole season is ongoing.

Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera 
2 Cool Guys who faced their fears in The Amazing Race Asia. 
Go Team Philippines!

We watched the Philippine leg with them too so we saw some places we have never been to and the beauty of our country being featured and highlighted. It's so easy to think that you would go there someday because it's just a few hours away and we could speak the language. (One day I will go to the City of Legaspi and Misibis Bay Resort...Thank you for organizing the live viewing!)


The Amazing Race Asia also showed a cultural aspect like our native games and dances and we saw how foreigners and even our very own Team Philippines viewed and performed these challenges.  From the opposite end of the TV, you are allowed to root for your teams and be with your friends at the same time. Extend your ties to the next table of strangers and you might be friends by the end of that game (or by the end of that San Miguel Beer tower).

participate in the amazing race asia

I never really understood the sports craze and my other friends inviting their friends who are sports fanatics to watch a boxing, basketball or football game. My first time to attend such a thing was the FIFA World Cup Finals we watched when I was in Beijing (read about it in this link). At that time, I did not relate to the sport because I didn't know how to play football or even the rules. Watching The Amazing Race Asia is cooler and there's a weekly showing in AXN once the season starts. This, you gotta see (the air is really really different especially when the place is packed)! They also serve standard food for fanatics.

join the amazing race asia

2. Watch a Live Offshoot of The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race phenomenon has slowly entered Philippine pop culture since it started airing in the early year 2000s. Wouldn't it be fun to watch the contestants running around and doing all the hard stuff than yourself (this question is for the weak of hearts, people who don't exercise and "demure" ladies)? If only the contestants stayed put... Here are some pictures of the Electrolux Wash-a-Palooza Challenge. You would need to be patient, cheer for your friends and take pictures when they win. Here's an excerpt from my post on my personal blog as I kept myself busy in Eastwood:
The Electrolux Wash-a-Palooza event still pushed through with the rain. It was a good day to hang around Eastwood in a Saturday for a change. I was not dressed up for the amazing race but I still had fun watching and being the official photographer for the day. First, I finished all the pasta I could eat in Jack's Loft and chilled out by the lounge all afternoon while they were running around and getting lost. It wasn't hard to keep busy for roughly two hours because of the free WIFI, Jeff's ITouch and the cafe-like experience. The YoCard free postcards and magazines were also there to enrich my mind. The True Faith concert in the early evening was also part of the event and it was fun to realize that I actually grew up with some of their songs (knowing all the lyrics and all). The other bloggers were there to share the victory of Jeff's team. 
washapalooza 1

3. Experience The Amazing Race

Number 2 will be boring for some. There are open opportunities to join a mini-Amazing Race and win that pot of gold! Ever heard of the Php 1-Million Roro Challenge? How about the AXN Big Challenge? I just joined Bratpack's 10K Challenge last October 30, 2010! We had to find these 3 people in 3 malls and we had a 1 out of 25 chance to win the grand prize or 2 Php 2K prizes (the game ended in around 40 minutes). 

bratpack 10k challenge

We didn't win the Php 10K from Bratpack but it was a good experience to test my skills and it was the right time for my overdue exercise. I came out sweating more from this workout than those hours in the gym. My tips before joining a mini amazing race: Go small before you proceed to the big challenges. Oh, and do not wear slippers (it was an impromptu registration!).

This post just became your gold ticket to that Amazing Race experience! It's a great opportunity to see the world and to push yourself to the limits. Cheers!