10 Free Guided Taipei Tours!

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I want to let you in another secret. I'm counting the days to have a Guiltless time in Taipei!

I have another secret. Do you want 10 free guided tours to different places in Taipei? Here's your chance to do that until April 2011!

Traveling must all be about the experience, not only the sights but also through interactions with people who welcome us with open arms. Together with the Taipei International Flora Expo, 120 volunteer multi-lingual guides are ready to give you an unforgettable and special experience around the city!

"Something For Everyone"

I'll tell you all about my Guiltless Getaway in Taipei when I get back. In the meantime, choose from the 10 tours below:

1. Mountain Tour

"Yangmingshan National park... has a distinctive volcanic geology and diverse range of flora and fauna; all around you is the richness and vibrancy of nature. Combined with a visit to... Shilin Night Market..., this tour is a feast for the body and the soul alike."

2. Nostalgia Tour

"Take a walk through Taiwan's history with a visit to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall...and the adjacent Liberty Plaza...to breathe deeply of the fresh air of freedom."

3. Culture Tour

"...a chance to experience the culture of another country... The cultural aspects of the scenic destinations presented within are rich and diverse, covering the spectrum of the Republic of China's history."

4. History Tour

"...In this tour, you can take a gentle stroll through the traditional architecture of some of Taipei's temples and landmarks, immersing yourself in the city's history and investigating history with feet, eyes, and heart."

5. Humanities Tour

"For an insight into the life and times of Taipei, don't miss some of these particularly storied destinations..., this trip will help you get an insight into the Taiwan of yesterday and today..."

6. Arts Tour

"Art knows no boundaries, encompassing traditional culture and modern abstraction...you might discover that art is in fact all around us."

7. Classic Tour

"The Xinyi District... is a microcosm of Taipei and a destination not to be missed."

8. Education Tour

"...Take a stroll through the elegant campus (of National Taiwan University) and try a little food so popular with the students...; it's truly a trip brimming with youthful vitality."

9. Eco Tour

" If you want to understand more about the ecology of Taipei... This tour is a wonderful mix of recreation, education, and entertainment, taking visitors away...into the wonders of nature."

10. Joyful Life Tour

"...Taking a stroll down... Danshui Township can be like traveling back in time..."

For more detailed itineraries and to reserve slots, click on this link. All descriptions are taken from here.

You need to register and it is advisable to reserve for the tours ahead of time. For more information about reservations or last-minute plans, click on this link.

To know more about the multi-lingual tour guides and available languages, click here.

I'm not sure about the entrance fees to the sites and transportation though but the guide is free. There's only one way to find out. As I said, meeting the guide and talking with the guide (clearly passionate about the city) is good enough for me!

Drop by the Taipei International Flora Expo too. There are 4 expo sites all over Taipei. This only happens until April 2011! For more information, click here.

Go ahead and book that flight to Taipei!