Beijing '10 Day 11 - Trapped in the Rain, Eating Lamb Chuanr in Beijing!

July 15, 2010 (Thursday)

I was about to go out when I realized that it was raining outside. I put away my rubber shoes and changed to my slippers and short pants. I could only risk my feet being soaked in puddles for a little while so I decided to go home immediately after buying lunch.

I headed out to BLCU again to the Muslim restaurant. It would be useful to know though that some of the bathrooms have low faucets for washing the mops and wash your dirty feet once in a while from the germs you might pick up on the streets. Just imagine all the spontaneous spitting of the people here, animal droppings and sewage all mixed into the water when it rains.

It was past 1 p.m. and it was a good thing the restaurant was still open. I know the cafeteria closes at around 2 p.m. and opens again for dinner already. I ordered rice and two sticks of Lamb YangRouChuanr 羊肉串儿 for takeout. One stick used to cost 2RMB, now it was up to 3RMB. All in all, my lunch cost 7RMB. I was ready to go home but I decided to visit the BLCU Friendship Store for a school t-shirt. On the way there, I passed by a strip offering different services – a computer shop, laundry, coffee shop, fruit store with snacks, salon and photo shop. The friendship store was still the same and it displayed my favorite Dutch Lady full milk so I bought some to bring back to the apartment. I also bought a BLCU shirt for 38RMB.  

I stopped walking under the rain and sat on one of the tables outside the friendship store to eat my takeout. The Chuanr pieces were bigger than before but fewer in pieces. I should have also asked to put more magic spices. It’s funny that I was craving for some ice cream next despite the weather. I bought a small cup of BaXi 八喜 ice cream for 5RMB at a convenience store on the way home.