CineEuropa 13 '10 Day 1 - Europe Through My Eyes

I was decided upon doing another adventure with an opportunity that only comes in this lifetime and in this  time of year in Manila - the CineEuropa 13. This film festival of sorts showcases 21 films from all over Europe, has free admission, is in a convenient location and gives me chances to win that trip to Europe via KLM. I must admit that I really want that prize, but most of all, after seeing my first film, it gave me a sense of what it is like in that part of the world. Even for just a few hours, I feel like I am being transported to Europe with the storyline.


The first trip took me to Finland, to a new discovery that there is a traditional Laestadian community (even in Finland) that exists with their religious beliefs, somewhat like what we already know from history and from the world around us to an extent (only with a different name), where people took it seriously and it governs their everyday lives. The idea and situations are not new and we can relate to what was happening in the movie - this is what made the movie so enticing to watch, at least for me. The struggle to break free and have your own identity or the curiosity from being young will always be there for some people who do not want to simply be told on what to do and what is proper or improper all their lives without figuring it out for themselves. It becomes harder if the past catches up on you and constantly reminds you to go back to the life you had. As for what you find and realize in the end, you'll be guaranteed that a little bit of who you are will turn up depending on what you chose for yourself.  The summer congregation they have every year must be a sight to see in Finland. They practice a no make-up, no alcohol, abstinence prior to marriage, no contraceptives, no television, even no rythym music and continuously pray and ask forgiveness for sins. It may be hard to be converted and for us to take the situation presented, especially for the youth who have already been exposed to city living. Yes, my realization comes too - apparently, I am not as conservative as I thought I was. 

Movie Title: Kielletty Hedelma (Forbidden Fruit)

Traveling does not always have to be rushed. Let your mind travel with the help of the different media platforms available to you and get to know the rich cultures and colorful stories of the people around you in the meantime. The land of make-believe can bring some form of the truth with it. Of course, being there physically and experiencing it yourself will always be a plus.

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