Sundays are for Chinese Food!

I woke up with an urge to go out someplace far with J. We used to travel to somewhere we haven’t been to impromptu for our meals. Sadly, the place that I wanted to go to was fully booked until March 2021 after I called to ask if they needed bookings. 😧 I ended up just staying at home and spending quality time with my sis (plus finished my house work)! For dinner though, I thought I’d catch up on my Chinese food cravings hihi.


Suzhou Dimsum it is. We used to live near the Araullo store and Jeff and I would eat there for dates haha. I ordered via Foodpanda and they incidentally had like a 35% off plus 5% (Pro) for pickups! J picked it up on the way home. Actually, their price on the app is a bit higher than the store but with the discount, it ended up a bit cheaper since we have PandaPro also (only P50 per month) hehe. I love it when the discounts come together! Not that I’m a cheapskate or anything, it’s just a smarter way of not having to cook dinner hahaha. There are just some things you cannot replicate or will take a lot of effort at home and I would rather buy. Why not just order with a few clicks, right? Then J has reusable containers in the car so that he can just give it to the restaurant to fill up 😊 Now, I have more me time to relax until Jeff comes home!