Wisdom Tooth Removal at Smiles R Us Dental Clinic in Shaw Mandaluyong - What I Did and Things I Have Learned!

People like to see other people in pain. That's what J jokingly told me, to document and vlog about this. Haha. In truth, I just figured I'd write all the pain away and to cope with this recent stress I put my body through. I'd like to think that I've taken very good care of my teeth since I was young, brushing frequently and no braces (yey!). I used to stay away from removing impacted wisdom tooth because I thought it was just a fad so that dentists can squeeze more money out of you. And I am 15 to 20 years too late to realize that my recent years could have been pain-free, if I had them removed all at once instead of three times. Because the worst is over, I'd like to share with you my journey and tips if ever you have to go through with it yourself. Nothing beats a major surgery to make you rethink about all your choices. I was so scared until I thought about trusting my doctor and I thought that I have lived my life guiltlessly (if anything were to happen). 


Before the surgery

Mine was an outpatient procedure - this tooth was never born (never came out) but I was feeling teeth sensitivity for a few months and bearing all that discomfort. I finally told my dentist to recheck for holes and a mini x-ray showed none plus a dormant tooth possibly pushing the two other teeth. I had to get another digipan x-ray a few blocks away to verify (costs P1k). I decided that if that last wisdom tooth was really the one causing the on-and-off pain, then I would rather have it removed. My dentist Dra J said the oldest person she had ever removed wisdom from was around 58 years old. I don't want discomfort for two decades plus more. I was already having a hard time eating and biting things on my right before the surgery so out with it! It just felt like I was giving up on my wisdom forever hahaha.


I had also forgotten that I got that bottom tooth removed by Dra. J in 2018! Is this the side effect of anaesthesias?! I just remember having the left third molars removed up and down at the same time by another dentist years before that. I only remember part of the bone in my jaw was removed and my face got swollen. I also had to spray some water with a syringe without a needle so that food wouldn't get stuck in the hole. On the bright side, I feel no more pain in all 3 areas so I figured the wounds and gums all healed properly and the last one should give me relief from tooth troubles forever... 

The only preparation I did for this one was all mental and brushed my teeth after lunch (my schedule was 1pm, which was awesome)! Of course, I excused myself from work (so finish stuff ahead) and kindly asked my mom's cook to get some arroz caldo ready after the surgery...

These are a few things to note (but I didn't really have to do these coz I don't usually dress up):

- Some online don't recommend eating like 8 hours before - If this is the case, I would schedule in the morning right after I wake up. I liked mine at 1pm and asked my doctor so that I could still eat my brunch and have a gap for resting until dinner for the discomfort I was anticipating.

- Don't wear your hair in a ponytail or on a bun. - This is so true, even if I go for just a cleaning. I have very short hair now so I just put a clip on my bangs and the hair wouldn't annoy me. I was also provided with a shower cap during the surgery.

- Don't wear makeup, eyeliner, lipstick, eyeglasses, contacts, metal objects and jewelry. - I don't normally have all of these on anyway. It's a plus I think so that the dentist can focus more and have no obstructions to the target! She put petroleum jelly on my lips, which I was so thankful for. Nothing like cracked lips after the surgery to add to the discomfort! I purposely left my eyeglasses on the table and kept my eyes shut the entire time to blur everything out, concentrate on my breathing and not puke haha.

- Don't wear tight clothes and shoes. I wore leggings (whoops) but they're a bit loose and slippers to get in and out easily of the dentist chair.

- Have a support system. I was actually worried that Jeff would screw up haha and he came through. He drove me to the supermarket to fill our almost empty ref. Things he could also cook since I intend to not go out of the house and not cook for 7 days. He also made lots of ice, which is so useful so that I can fill the ice bag easily to put on my face. He also eased my anxiety from the day before, drove me there and waited until the procedure was done (around 30 minutes). He kept reminding me to bring my credit card as well, with the incidental promo (additional 10%!) to pay the doc and my meds! 😉

- Bring the x-ray to the doc. Not sure if she needed it since Insights already gave her a soft copy but I hope it helped hehe.

During the surgery

As I said, my eyes were closed the whole time. I only felt 2 needles to desensitise the area and I also felt my eyes water a bit midway haha. I think I also heard my heart thumping and a headache for a while on the other side of my numb face. There were also loud cracking noises in my head as the tooth was being moved. It's like magic crackling sound effect haha. I was a little preoccupied with breathing normally and not swallowing. Somehow, I have the fear of choking in my own blood (maybe due to too much CSI...). I was also trying to relax my jaw a bit and move my head a bit so that it won't get sore in one position when she was getting something. And then she said, it's out! She sealed the cut with dissolvable stitches so I don't have to go back after a week anymore, yey. It was a super long 30 minutes for me. The Doc and her assistant were in full PPE so I think they had a more difficult experience than I did.


After the surgery

I was told to brush my teeth as usual, just avoid the area. Betadine gargle was ok, Doc said. What's important is not to eat hot food, fishy food, raw meat and spicy food (including ginger) to avoid infection. I was given amoxycillin for 7 days and pain reliever as needed. No strenuous activity for the next 3 days like lifting stuff, running, exercising, etc. I was also told I could swallow my own blood and I was going to have it in my mouth for a few days. 😢

So far, the pain hit me slowly (like a slight headache, nose ache and eye ache) in the first 2 hours and I could feel my tongue already. Then there was one moment of pain, like a wave, even if I was already in both pills. I think the last anaesthesia wore off and my mouth felt released also from pressure. The only thing that helped was the ice pack for like 20 minutes. *Update - The second wave came after brushing my teeth and bleeding... can i just not eat so I don’t have to brush? 😞 I ate like normal for dinner and more on the left side. I also avoid sucking when I drink (and swallow) and take care of not pressing the area, just in case it will make the wound bleed. If I feel like my mouth is bloody, I just drink water. Jeff also told me to distract myself with Netflix and he'll just be near me if I needed anything. 💞So far, it's water, lip cream, thermometer, meds, ice pack, more ice, iPad and cold food within arm length. Haha.


I'm thinking of a list of yummy things I ate to recover so far haha. To be posted when I complete this recovery period.

So there you have it, folks! I've been going to this clinic for a few years already and I would like to recommend Doc Judith Herrera of Smiles R Us. I can attest to her OC-ness and strict infection control in the clinic. I'm happy to say that I can smile again for a bit and my head is clear, even if I just experienced an odontectomy less than 6 hours ago! I don't have gruesome pics or videos for you. I just kept thinking about blogging after to share my experience hehe.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal at Smiles R Us Dental Clinic in Shaw Mandaluyong near Pasig and San Juan - What I Did and Things I Have Learned!