More ATI Seminars and Training Programs Go Online and On Radio!

Hi, Guys! We're going towards our third month of being in quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus. I've been busy with work still, unfortunately, and squeeze in cooking for survival and fun in my home. I've resigned to just gaining stock knowledge on what I eat and what I want to eat in the future, completing and learning more about my growing spice collection and herb processing in my spare time. In my last post, I talked about free online organic farming courses by the Agricultural Training Institute. With its success, the ATI is once again using information and communications technology to modify the "old" face-to-face training and increase knowledge on agriculture nationwide with the launch of various alternative learning opportunities and school-on-the-air programs to the public for free! I was really delighted when I started to see other ATI Regions come up with interesting ideas like recipes, contests that broaden your knowledge on plant identification and simple food growing techniques that resound with a city girl like me. I hope they continue on giving urban agriculture starter kits as well as these are my kind of "ayuda" - the ayuda that cost less, the ayuda that will teach people, rich or poor, the value of food security and the ayuda that will keep on giving and sustain by itself in the years to come.

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) is present nationwide and they each have their Facebook pages per region that you can check out. Some of the programs include:
  • AHON sa Nayon: #GoVeg20 Wbinar Series of ATI Central Luzon with topics on food production at home and farming as an income-generating venture.
  • Agricultural Technologies thru Internet at Home by ATI CALABARZON with topics on urban agriculture, container gardening, home composting, making insect spray and pest management. Future topics include hydroponics and mushroom culture so you just need to fill out an online registration form to join a closed Facebook group.
  • ATI Bicol Sarabay has online tutorials on the productions of crops and programs towards food security. They also discuss container gardening, hydroponics and aquaphonics.
  • Food Always at Home or FAITH Gardening Technology by ATI Central Visayas.
  • AgriStoryahay Webinar series by ATI Northern Mindanao sharing tips from owners of ATI Learning Sites for Agriculture on the basics of urban gardening, planting and transplanting, preparation and application of biofertilizers and biopesticides, as well as composting.
  • My favorite so far haha - ATI SOX on container gardening and healthy, budget friendly recipes. The ATI RTC also started ATIng Talakayan Online answers questions on farming from their followers.
  • ATI-International Training Center on Pig Husbandry has basic pig husbandry and insemination courses until December 2020. Interested individuals can register through this link. They will also hold PIG-aralan Serye every Friday, starting May 15 to December 4, over the local radio station DWAL 95.9 Radyo Totoo sa Batangas to help local pig farmers increase productivity.
  • For those without internet, they launched radio-based training courses and will start airing in 15 regions this July!
  • Of course, the free e-Learing courses offered by the ATI Extension Services are still ongoing - click for more details in this link!
Check out the following ATI Nationwide Facebook pages by Region for more info. This is your chance to go Region hopping for now, and learning about geography and culture too, even at the confines of your own home 😊