My Recommended Ear Pieces and Gadgets for the On the Go Music Lover - Soundfreaq, Philips, Coloud, Bluetooth Speakers and Ear Plugs

Okay, so I'm taking this writing spree one post at a time! One thing that has constantly helped me is music. Let me tell you about a few thing-ah-majigs and gadgets I bring with me (at least one of these per trip) in my travels, at work and at home. Some take me a few months to constantly test before making this list while some, I just fell in love at first use =)


The smallest and pocket-friendly of them all is my purple pair of Philips Bass In-ear Earphones. This is for my teeny bags, emo moments when I want to block any sound off and for limited space. I bought this abroad, as it was highly recommended to me by my sister, but I saw them at Rustans Shangri-la. It's under P800 so this is a great basic earphones. No complicated buttons and might just tangle.


My second fav is for my bigger bags and so that I don't have to spend time untangling wires! The Coloud Knock comes with spaghetti flat cables, a basic remote and it's so light in the ears since the ear part is made of foam. It's adjustable and perfect for zoning out. But it gives you a little bit of noise for times when you need to be alert like announcements at the airport ;) It's big enough to be seen too so it gives off this "Do not disturb me" or "I can't hear you" vibe but you really can haha. Available: Digits Trading


I've been using this third one the most recently for watching movies with J and tuning everything out in my room. This is the Soundfreaq Sound Kick and it's a bluetooth speaker. The sound is amazing and I can't help but have a party on my own sometimes hehe. It was a gift - my work de-stressor and so far with my awesome feel-good playlist, it's working ;) Available: Digits Trading


Digits Trading is actually a one-stop shop hehe. The newest one I've been trying out is the NudeAudio Move S Wired. This version I have is cabled but it's small enough to dangle from my bag and more affordable to leave it lying on the sand and dirt. 


They have the bluetooth version as well and they come in different sizes. Last I heard, they're working on the really waterproof one that you can put in your pocket and can take during showers - the Super M ;) Just not sure if this is available already in the Philippines. 


Lastly, I bring this wherever I go. Sometimes, when you travel (and you run out of battery), everything is just noise. This is the ultimate solution because you can't control everything like late-night construction beside your hotel, screaming kid on a plane, snoring roomie, etc. I've tried several ear plugs so far and this is the most comfortable and filters out snoring but I am still able to hear alarms (I think it has to do with the decibels). I got the Sleep Pretty in Pink High 32 Decibel Noise Reduction Rating Women's Ear Plugs with case. It doesn't hurt my ear since it's foamy and moulds in my ear (like memory foam). Couple this with an lightweight eye mask and it always ends up with a happy morning. Available: J's ;)