Where Am I Now?

How are you today? Are you on a trip or are you in the process of planning a trip? Did you experience anything awesome lately? Do you have a lot on your plate and have been absent in the present? Well, if you are, then you're not alone. Haha. This month actually marks the 4th year of this travel blog. So much has happened in those years and I want to celebrate them all this year to add to my crazy 2014 Ber months.

I don't know what exactly possessed me to take on several things, especially these past months. I've been feeling more alive though and unstoppable. Just to put it all out there, I've been:
- attending events that are relevant to my interests and blog
- taking up Gayageum classes twice a week
- taking up Basic Korean classes once a week
- doing a major Finance project that I haven't done in years
- exceeding my GK post counts and doing giveaways
- reviving my social life
- doing errands and organizing
- participating in an Intentional Blogging Challenge recently
- reexamining my life

I've been thinking and not doing on these areas:
- coming to terms my important proposal deadline next month for my book
- updating this blog (a bit) and my page
- trying to answer travel queries via email - Update: Wee, I did it! 
- thinking of how to go about my next Korea trip this month - Update: In Progress!

To top it off, I've got an interview tomorrow for a studying opportunity in Korea and I've been thinking of that annual Barre3 membership. Part of me is just waiting for my body to give in. Haha.

For the past couple of days, thanks to the blogging challenge, I've been thinking more about the future direction of Guiltless Getaways. Here's what I came up with so far:

Subject (What I am passionate about, What can I write for a year without running out of ideas or energy): Guiltless Experiences and Travel

Theme (What main topic I want to concentrate on): Tips from my Guiltless Experiences that You Can Replicate

Objective (What do I want to accomplish with my writing): To inspire people with my stories and experiences & To encourage you to try the things in the itineraries yourself

I hate to admit it but I've actually have lost part of my voice with less posts. Sometimes, I've come to dread writing time because it might result to more emails or I feel bad about the backlogs and not writing about my recent trips pronto (unlike other bloggers). Whatever happened to me and what isn't working? How come it takes me a super long time to write and who am I perfecting it for? Honestly, I'm trying to find my voice now and I actually find it super easyfree and myself as I type this. Somehow, it all seems manageable now and I could take things step by step...

Maybe we all just need a restart and to actually be reminded once in a while of what we want to accomplish to get back on track. Being part of a community actually helps.

Thank you so much for listening.

Please feel free to comment below: Where are you now? Do you have a lot on your plate and have been absent in the present? I'd appreciate it if you help me and tell me for my own self-improvement - What's my blogging voice like? What do I sound like in this blog?