Basic Korean Language Class Hangeul at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines!

A couple of years ago, when I decided to feature more of Korea in my travels, I would have been satisfied just getting by using English and Mandarin (yes,some Koreans can speak fluent Chinese if they chose to learn it or Japanese as their second language instead of English ;) ) for my trips there. It was easy because of the various Tourist Information Centers all around the popular areas and the wealth of useful information online (in English) thanks to the Korea Tourism Organization. There was a point though when I wanted deeper conversations with newly found Korean friends and I wanted to understand things in their original context (like actually watching telenovelas the way they were written) instead of relying too much on translations and subtitles. This year, I've taken that step to diligently learn the Korean language Hangeul - first at the Pusan National University for the K-CLIP 2014 Program and at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines now that I'm back in Manila. Want to learn basic Korean language or Korean culture in Manila (classroom type with Korean teachers) once or twice a week? Why don't you read below to see if it's what you're looking for ;)


Last week was the first day of class for the 3rd semester at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines (KCC, located in Taguig near St. Lukes and S&R).


We all introduced ourselves one by one and here's a summary of our motivations behind taking lessons in Basic Korean language. We are a mixed group of aged 16 and up Korea enthusiasts. The environment is really conducive to learning and inspiring if you surround yourself with people who have the same interests as you :D Our teacher said that the K-dramas give us fantasies and do a very good job at charming us into the Korean way of life. Learning the language (we will also be introduced to more aspects of Korea in our classes) and being here is real Korea in Metro Manila. And pretty soon, we'll be able to form our own (experiential) point of views of Korea =)


- I, for one, am planning on conversing with more people for my Korea travel book (to be published next year). Learning the language will also bring ease and convenience because I love going back there to explore more.
- Some of us want to watch Korean telenovelas and K-movies freely. Others want to understand what their Korean friends are talking about.
- A few work for the hospitality industry and have Korean bosses, husbands or clientele.
- Others are thinking of pursuing a Masters degree in Korea.
- Some would like to be bilingual agents for their BPO work. A couple teaches English to Koreans.
- One works for the Korean company Samsung and he's looking into incorporating classes like these for the employees. He also brought his wife along so that they can learn together ;)
- Others have had a glimpse of the food, arts, KPOP, culture and the Korean wave so they want to learn more things Korean.
- Most of us have plans to go or go back to Korea in the near future.


Our classes are held once a week for Basic. They also have Elementary 1 & 2 classes which are twice a week. There are also Korean culture classes like salmunori (Korean performance with traditionalinstruments like drums), pansori (Korean opera), gayageum (Korean zither), traditional dancehansik (cooking class), taekwondo, K-POP singing and modern dancing. There are set schedules but they span from Mondays to Saturdays from September to December. The enrollment is done for this sem so the next one is for early next year like January or February so you have ample time to think about it and arrange your schedules ;) I was putting it off because I had that stop that it was too far but when I committed to it, things just fell into place :D


The tuition is really affordable too at:
P2000 for mine (basic Korean class) = 3 hours once a week * 12 weeks so that's 36 hours
P1000 for gayageum (Korean zither) = 1.5 hours x twice a week * 12 weeks so that's 36 hours also
Just add time and transpo to the Fort for total cost.

You're basically just paying for the books and the Korean goverment is subsidizing everything. Because it's a school, only 3 absences or less or allowed for a certificate and you don't want to be a drop out at 6 absences. 2 dropped subjects will earn you nothing but a blacklist in all future classes and no refund.

The ambiance of KCC is also impressive. It's one of only 30+ Korean cultural centers in the world so we are really lucky ;) I feel like I'm in a studio in Korea whenever I go there. There's a live exhibition area that changes,


a wave hall for events and classes, classrooms, kitchen for Hansik classes and a library (where you can read books and watch Korean movies or listen to Korean albums for free, open to the public) ;) KCC is also responsible for the Korean Film Festival (happening right now September and October all over the Philippines, schedule here), contests and other caravans in the Philippines to help foster a fun and healthy relationship and cultural exchange between Filipinos and Koreans.


You should visit my school haha - KCC Manila sometime :) Maybe I'll see you there? Like me, maybe you'll say, "Awww.." that there were no classes because of the rain. Perhaps it's because I chose to learn this according to my passion. Hehe. Directions on how to go below:


It's open Mondays to Saturdays 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.! You can also their website and Facebook page. All the photos here are from the KCC Manila FB page =)

Basic Korean Language Class Hangeul at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines - KCC Taguig!

Feel free to tell me below: There's this saying that we never stop learning ;) So, what are you learning nowadays? How have you been doing so far and what motivates you to do this? It can be anything =)