My Barre3 Manila Journey at The Spa Wellness Studio in Greenhills

I'm sitting on my window seat en route to Seoul as I write this and just finished eating my delicious inflight meal. I feel stuffed though and even if I really like airplane food, there's a part of me already missing whole foods and some quinoa. I'm also thinking of ways to be more active here. You see, during my trip break from April to June, I'd found myself in a different kind of journey. I finally used up my non-trip days doing a 28 to Great challenge and 50 days of continuous Barre3 (mix of yoga, pilates and ballet workout at The Spa Wellness).


I've long been looking for an exercise that suits me and I found it in Barre3 Manila a few years ago. There are Barre3 studios in the US and Manila only. Without a branch near me, my excuse has always been "it's too far" and "walking or doing something physical during my trips is enough exercise." One fine day, I discovered that they just opened a new branch. If I walk to The Spa Wellness studio, it would only take me around 10 minutes and 1500 steps. Knowing myself, I seized the opportunity of a good 45-day unlimited deal.

I quickly realized that I was so out of shape. Being a blogger apparently made things worse with all that eating, going to events and sitting in front of the computer all day. Exercising while back in Manila and waiting for my next trip should be in my itinerary as soon as I get home. The studio has been my haven and quick getaway in Manila. Even if I'm exerting more effort than before, it's quite fun so I don't mind. I found myself going there in the last few weeks to calm my mind, whip my body to shape and fill my soul with peace, energy and sunshine.

Some of my takeaways include:
- From struggling to climb stairs and inclines, I'm no longer breathless and still have the energy to walk further.
- I've learned to listen to my body and do what I can depending on my mood and condition for the day.
- From being wobbly, I learned to use my core to stabilize myself and achieve balance.
- From consulting non-stop with the Barre3 instructors, I've learned to do modifications and breathe properly so that I get the most of the workout and don't injure myself.
- From nothing, I can now hold my planks and core type workouts. 
- From the 28 to Great Challenge (28 Days Barre3 every day + Eating plan), my lifestyle and meal choices changed dramatically. A great effect included dropping back to my college weight and out of that plateau for a few years now. Other things that happened include sleeping early, waking up early, hydrating properly, learning more types of stretches, being in the moment and pushing myself to go even during times when I don't want to.
- The conversations and relationships formed with fellow Barre3-mates (aunties, mommies, lolas, professionals, students) also made an impact in my health (especially Doc's guide to diarrhea...) and drive to just continue the progress I've been doing. I've even applied the things I've learned in my everyday life and writing.
- My health is precious too (aside from my feet) and a guiltless investment. It generally adds to more things I can do and I want to continue my travelling ways to my old age.
- Getting there - correcting my posture and being present to it outside of the studio

I miss it and I just went there yesterday haha. Goodbye for now, Barre3. I think I'm having a separation issue as I write this hehe. It's a good thing that you have freezing options for frequent travellers like me so that I can just continue where I left off soon. I know that there's always an option to subscribe online or do it myself in Korea. Of course, there will most likely be a difference. For now, I would just have to do something about my forever sleeping seatmate so that I can walk around the plane, keep myself from slouching and stretch a bit haha. Palms together, Namaste!