Travel Inspiration: That Connection, From Strangers to Friends

I have 3 inspiring things to share with you today and like the last time, there's a common theme. This post is about human connection. It made me think about all that traveling I make and the numerous opportunities to really get a moment to share your true self or have a heart to heart talk with someone. I hope this post inspires you today =)

On the Twinsters Story:
Check out the story and journey of two twin sisters Samantha and Anais who found each other through the internet and social media. One was raised in Paris while the other in New Jersey. Every intimate moment was captured, including their first visit to South Korea where they were born. Now, they have come together to fulfill their plans of making a documentary.

Watch this video below! This photographer puts pairs of random people off the streets of New York and gets them to pose as friends, family or lovers. =D

This last one is my favorite =) Just watch it!!! 

What if this was you on that street? Would you get in that ballpit? =D