Travel Inspiration: Manong Unyol and Ibarra Siapno Photography

Do you have pages or people in your Facebook Notifications list? I cleaned out mine last year and just left out pages / people who I want to hear more from with their every post =) The 2 new recent ones I added are: Manong Unyol and IBARRA Photography. Manong Unyol posted about a National Park in the Philippines (first time I heard about it) thereby inspiring me to climb a mountain again and then he made me laugh so hard with his other posts on Facebook. Haha. IBARRA Photography, on the other hand, made me want to go back to Mt. Pulag and improve on my photography... I like laughing, being inspired to travel and hearing about new things. I hope you do too and read on =D

On Manong Unyol:

I like the humor of the posts on Facebook account of Manong Unyol. It brightened up my week and I found myself agreeing to his statuses ;) Mabenta talaga or mababaw talaga ang kaligayahan ko...! Hahahaha. Honestly, I thought he's a Manong but after much reading, I found out that he's actually a Pinoy travel blogger. I'm so glad he approved my friend request haha.

My favorites being:
gagawa pa ba itinerary uso naman sa atin ng iti na di natutupad... paano ako gagawa ng iti eh di ko nga alam saan tayo mapapadpad bahala na ulit si batman... hitch ulit
hindi ko pinangarap maging hardcore na mountaineer gusto ko lang makipag bonding sa mga hardcore na mountaineer.... chill lang enjoy niyo lang wag madaliin ang bawat sandali baka pag gising mo sa umaga sawa ka na pala 
Bago mo marating ang tirahan ng mga diyos dapat mo munang pagdaanan ang kalbaryo. 

I also found out about the Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija from him. Mapapatingin ka, diba?

On Ibarra Siapno:

Here's the video I first watched =) It's so amazing for me! I followed him at the Ibarra Photography page.

I just noticed the theme for these are mountains and national parks in the Philippines hehe. That's because I'm writing my Mt. Batulao posts and I think I'm reminiscing haha. I just love these encounters with nature! Hope you're more inspired with this post! There will be more posts like this soon ;)