Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Hotels in Austin, Texas and the Frank Fickett Boy Scout Center

It's my last day today here in Austin (Texas) and I'm actually gonna miss this Fairfield Inn & Suites by the Marriott chain. Because my body clock is still off the grid and unpredictable, I was able to make the most of this hotel for the last 3 days. Instead of going around like I normally do, I went to school for 2.5 full training days to learn more about Rainwater Harvesting (will tell you more about that in a bit and how it can be very beneficial for the Philippines!). And I just walked back and forth from Fairfield to the Frank Fickett Scout and Conference Center (less than 5 mins away) every day. This area is a bit far from Downtown Austin (7 miles, around $35 in taxi fare, around $50-$60 to the airport, 15 miles) and is quite isolated from the "happenings". There's a Walmart, SEARS, Walgreens, H.E.B, Target, Office Max, Petco and plazas nearby though but it's beside an Interstate (highway) so it's kinda inconvenient to cross that and have a looong walk (unless you have a big luggage limit and car - free parking) ;) Here are some of the few things I'll miss about Fairfield..


  • Full-sized double bed can fit 2 me's. Not too keen about the 4 high pillows so I just sleep without them. I also want a thicker blanket for the cold.
  • Airconditioning that can be turned on and off into a heater. It was getting chilly as the day passed..
  • The TV channel Lifetime that keeps on playing Christmas movies. Lots of US channels available.
  • Complimentary strong WIFI everywhere up to my bed =) Good for 7 days and you don't have to log in or out in those days.
  • Complimentary hot breakfast (that pork sausage that tastes like Sausage McMuffin..). You can take it up your room.
  • The outlet on my bed table that's super convenient. We have the same 2-pin outlet except that in the US, it's 110V.
  • Big enough space for our 3 huge luggages.
  • Good-sized bathroom.
  • Warm shower and sink. They also put in magnets to their shower curtains ;)
  • Every piece of clothing I handwashed was dry in around 2 days so I guess the dry weather helped.
  • To make up for not having a restaurant and room service, they had delivery menus at the front desk so we ordered in for the night.
  • That short walk to the Boy Scout Center.
  • That Yellow Cab that they were able to call for us to go to the airport.
Other stuff I didn't get to try:
  • Guest DIY laundry room (for $1 per load). 
  • Ice vending machine.
  • Indoor heated mini pool.
  • Fitness center.
  • Door assistance for the disabled.
  • Hair dryer and iron.
  • Toiletries like shampoo, soap, lotion (no buds).
  • No safety box and fridge (didn't really need it).
Fairfield has many branches so make sure you put the exact address and zip code. There's also a courtyard full of Marriott hotels here beside each other like Residence Inn, Springhill Suites, etc. This is the one I chose because it looked to have more value for money when I was looking for hotels online and it was really not far from the Training Center. Wasn't disappointed =)