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This segment is for your questionstravel tips, your travel pictures and comments. On a personal note, I want to open the floor and encourage you to speak up haha. This is a good chance for me respond to your emails and comments more frequently, as well as to tell you that if anything happens to this blog (it's down or you have a comment for example), you can always email me. This is also a window into my thoughts (in red below) =) Feel free to send me an email through the contact form =) Lastly, I'd like to say thank you all, also to our generous sponsors DTC Mobile and Anywhere Philippines for supporting this segment =)


Q&A / Requests

From Almiara
How many places have you been? What place is your favorite?
Because of your question, I've checked a list of 257 countries and here's where I'm at so far (including trips even before I started blogging and not including stopovers only):

In terms of countries: 13/257
Asia-Pacific - Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
Europe - Russia
North America - Canada, United States of America

In terms of regions in the Philippines: 11/17
Luzon - NCR, CAR, Ilocos Region, Central Luzon, CALABARZON, MIMAROPA
Visayas - Western Visayas, Central Visayas
Mindanao - Zamboanga Peninsula, Davao Region, SOCCSKSARGEN

Now that I think about it, I haven't been everywhere much haha. But within a big country like China or USA for example, I've been to several cities or states. I do love (very much) going back to the same places (repeat travel) and exploring more =D I'm also proud to say that there's no rush and I'm a fan of slow travel. I also don't like ticking off a bucket list then not returning to a place just because you've been there already.

My super favorites are the Philippines, Korea and China. My other favorites are Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand for different reasons haha. I love Boracay, Iloilo, Zambales, Baguio, Coron and El Nido. I like Sydney, New York and Hawaii too.

For some reason and even if I haven't been there yet, I love Spain, Italy, Iceland and South America. =D

Hellos & Travel Experiences

From VE - 
I'm an avid fan of your blog and it's really fascinating to know your journeys around the country and overseas. (And you are so, so lucky to travel sometimes for free! *jelly, hahha). 
I love reading your blog because of the tips and your insights about things and mostly your daily giveaways! I hope to win someday in one of your contest, Mr. Rafflecopter must be having a hard time trying to pick my name. 
Hi VE! Thank you so much for your support! Your time will come *winks hehe. Just continue to join (buy your ticket in other words) and don't let the chances get away =D Here are some tips to travel my way: How to Travel "Guiltless Getaways - Style" 

Happy Travels!

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