Organic Detox Recipe Suited to Philippines from Dr. Albert Jo of Negros Occidental - Some Realizations and Lessons I Learned

As I may have hinted on my Facebook page, I am now on an Organic Detox Journey following my most recent trip with the Agricultural Training Institute of the Philippine Department of Agriculture (the same agency who showed me the way to organic agriculture in Costales Farms, La Trinidad and Sagada). The years of traveling and blogging has taken a toll me, physically and emotionally on some days, and going on food trips, events, binging moments & having junk food readily available naturally took me to an alarming weight gain. Just compare my old blog photos and the newest ones haha. Well, Today is my last day of the detox and I'd like to share with you some of my experiences and thoughts about the past 4 days.


Organic Detox Recipe from Dr. Albert Jo of Negros Occidental when we visited his organic farm (post on Guiltless Getaways soon) that I tried out:
1L water
20 calamansi (organic can be bought at Healthy Options, they carry Costales Nature Farms), I think lemon is better though coz it's not acidic
2 tbsp. blackstrap molasses (organic, bought at Healthy Options)
1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper (organic, bought at Healthy Options)

I drank 4L of this a day x 4 days. I didn't eat or drink anything else.

Lessons, Realizations and Notes to Self:
1. Circumstances with work or family might arise any time. I tend to eat, crave and abandon my commitments when I'm upset. I was upset a while ago, started to notice my automatic response and caught it early. The lessons learned from a Landmark Education are priceless and is a good tool to move forward. I got reminded by that during this journey.

2. I want to write and cook when I'm upset. I'd like to channel it in the future by cooking food that's good for me and keeping my blogs updated.

3. Grow and get your own calamansi if possible. A normal calamansi might be someone's precious calamansi. You get in trouble if you don't know the story and where it comes from. Thanks to this detox, my concept of calamansi, growing stuff, mindlessly picking fruits in the garden and accepting someone's kindness without thought is forever changed. 

4. As with some things, I zone out and can't remember how much I put for a while. This can be improved by being present to the moment.

5. It's therapeutic to slice your own calamansi and do everything on your own even if you find squeezing all that calamansi tedious. No prying eyes. No laughing eyes in front of you. No absurd eyes.

6. Not all people will understand and believe that you're doing this for your health and not just to lose the pounds. You don't have to explain yourself to them.

7. Clearing all schedules to go out helped. The toilet will be your best friend and prepare for #3. No stomach pains. It improved my digestion though and is supposed to get rid of toxins you've accumulated over the years ;)

8. I was able to have uninterrupted and good sleep for the first time in years. 

9. The magic happens when you sleep well. I've been having good dreams too. 

10. Give yourself the room to smile when you check your weight (whatever the outcome) and appreciate how light and healthy you feel. My skin is also clear and very hydrated from all the drinking.

11. I was able to wake up early every day. Didn't feel sleepy or any loss of energy.

12. I was able to focus on writing up to 2 posts every morning. 

13. I opened the door to researching about healthier food to eat, healthier restaurants to try and weekend markets in Manila to go to (the hunt for organic food haha). Because I tend to shrug them off and not notice them before.

14. I also got excited and began researching about what I can cook after I've reset my body. Because I believe that not everything healthy is not yummy. Just have to find a good recipe and seek help from Google haha. Entered - healthy organic breakfast recipe, scones recipe, easy organic meal, blackstrap molasses recipe (for my extra molasses), blue agave recipe (bought a bottle from Healthy Options also) hehe.

15. In the first 2 days, I realized that I wanted to eat everything that smelled good, even if it's not good for me. Also how much food is wasted if you prepare more than enough or buy more than you need (watch this video). I hope events would have buffet-style meals so that I get only what I can eat and I'll be reminded of my Panatang Makapalay experience in La Trinidad.

16. On the 3rd day, I found the smells from the kitchen fragrant and I was able to appreciate smelling food more without the craving. I wasn't hungry and I had no desire to eat a blue cheese hamburger or anything else though. This is a good practice to be choosy with everything I put in my mouth. It's a good disconnect that not everything you crave or looks good or smells good, you have to eat. It looks good. It smells good. Period. Not everything is followed by "I want that to eat that." =)

17. I was able to watch cooking shows too and "eat" at the dinner table with a wonderful and effective concoction as my food. Nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I've had my share of sinfully good meals. I have everything to gain from this and probably now, possibly only I will understand.

18. Your brain will find a lot of excuses to stop this detox, especially when you don't even exercise like me and people who tried with you come up with some. Your brain will also help you (if you let it) make sense of it all. Even the taste changed from toyo-calamansi-like (when I resisted) to something I like hahaha. I think if I run out of money, I can survive on this for at least a week hahaha. It simplifies the process of having to think about what you're going to eat for the next meal haha. For this, you only need organic cayenne pepper, molasses, calamansi and water. You will feel the cayenne pepper in your throat as you gulp but I heard it's also used for sore throat.

19. I also didn't get sick or feel sick as compared to the previous weeks of constant allergies. I think taking lots of calamansi improved my immune system. And contrary to popular belief, calamansi is "alkali-zing" when it gets to the stomach and becomes non-acidic.

20. People will keep tempting you, asking you if you're not stopping yet or giving you are-you-done-with-your-madness looks and it's the desire to be healthy that will make you laugh it all out. They must think you're torturing yourself when you're having the time of your life ;) Have an organic Cadia oatmeal cookie pack beside you (from Healthy Options) and stare at it for a few days - serves as a reward after you've successfully finished your detox. Haha.

As for the pounds, I welcomed the extra effect of this detox. It's super nice to be back to my weight around 1.5 years ago! I will have the final figure of weight lost tomorrow morning (6 pounds) if you're curious about that. The next challenge is to keep myself excited about organic food and eating healthier. Maybe start finding an exercise I like that's near my area too. Will do this detox again twice a year as recommended then maybe use pure organic calamansi instead of what is available. I would also get my blood checked before and after next time to know the full benefits. =)

Thanks for listening! Please note that these are according to my experience, my lifestyle and my body. You're welcome to try it but results may vary.

Organic Detox Recipe Suited to Philippines Recipe from Dr. Albert Jo - Some Realizations and Lessons I Learned