3 Days 2 Nights Boracay - AirAsia Zest, The Hidden Pau Patri German Restaurant, Merly's Chori Burger, Station 1 Beach, Boracay Sunset

I'm getting a bit nostalgic with this gloomy weather in Manila! Because I can't go there physically now, I've decided to write this breather post about my latest 3 days 2 nights weekend Boracay trip haha. We went there during the rainy season already (June onwards in the Philippines) and it rained hard too on some parts. The best experiences for this trip were the foodie places like the German Pau Patri Restaurant, All-American Jammers, Mexican Mañana, Merly's Chori Burger, the cheap paraw ride, the rainbow after the showers, the cloudy sky, just chilling out in Station 1 and my first ever Boracay sunset right at the White Beach


3 p.m. First time to take AirAsia (booked ZestAir, boarded AirAsia codeshare then, now officially AirAsia Zest this September 2013) domestically from Manila to Kalibo. Main advantages include leg space, bigger plane (Airbus A320-200, not propellers like in Caticlan), inflight magazine and thinking about ordering Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice (P180) or Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak (P180) haha =) Check out my AirAsia and AirAsia X international flight experience here.


4:30 p.m. Because I didn't want to think about more stuff, I got Southwest Bus to take us to Caticlan from Kalibo and from Caticlan to the Kalibo airport. Haha. I paid P900 per person roundtrip all-in (aircon bus to Caticlan port, terminal fee, environmental fee, boat to Boracay, van to hotel, pickup from hotel going home, van back to Caticlan, terminal fee, boat back, aircon bus to Kalibo).


They have a good ticketing system.


6:30 p.m. Sunset at the Caticlan port.


6:40 p.m. The only thing I didn't like is this boat and waiting for so many people.


Next time I would really take out the boat in the package. Never mind the extra chopseuy package.


We ate at Mañana in Station 2. Tacos, Yumyum!

9:30 a.m. We walked from Station 1 to Station 2 to get to the paraws. 


First time to the water this high..



10 a.m. Approached the boatmen and got a reasonable deal for a paraw / sailing ride. P800 for 45 minutes (well, supposed to be 1 hour but well, we wanted to go back already) 3 pax all-in. If you do this in the afternoon around 4 or 5 pm, I think they will shorten it to 30 minutes. Always haggle for lower. 



12:45 p.m. Pau Patri Restaurant serves German food is in Station 2. From the beach, you go in from the small gate beside the Mandarin Spa of Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel and Don Vito. From the parallel road at the back, you can check out the pics below, just beside Angel's Place Spa & Resort Boracay.








It's the only place I know now in Bora where I can relax and have spatzle (have to remember to order chicken next time instead of pork)! Yum! The food takes a while though..





2:15 p.m. We were checked in at Residencia at Station 1. Boracay Mandarin and Boracay Regency in Station 2 are still my beachfront favorites still so far for accommodations and service. This one had lounge chairs in front, as with other Station 1 resorts like Pearl of the Pacific, and a longer beach


Like my last Zambales trip, I just sat in the water without waves =D


5:30 p.m. I was craving for some Chori Burger haha. We found Merly's BBQ at its old spot!





6 p.m. Then there's the Jonah's stop. I'm not such a fan and I always forget that they put milk in their Mango shake O_O


Something to remember this rainy week - There's a rainbow always after the rain ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ 



I loved how the Boracay sky was painted in orange, pink and blue...


I haven't packed my bags and just chilled out like this with the girls for a while now.


Will definitely go back soon =D We had an early morning flight back to Manila so we actually just had this one day in Boracay haha.


First time to fully enjoy the Boracay sunset!!! 'Twas Jammers in Station 2 for dinner hehe.


Thanks, Gals! Had fun! Sa uulitin! Haha.


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3 Days 2 Nights Boracay, The Hidden Pau Patri German Restaurant, Merly's Chori Burger, Station 1 Beach, Boracay Sunset, Boracay in July, AirAsia Zest Boracay

I'd like to know: What would you have differently if this was your trip? What else would you do in Boracay if you just were to plan this short trip and you just want to chill and relax? Please feel free to tell me below ;)