Victorinox Travel Gear Philippines Klasse Party Launch and My Swiss Card!

So this month has been pretty exciting :) I got to celebrate the Swiss National Day with the Swiss brand Victorinox, distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies. I've personally been using one of their products, the Swiss Card, in all of my trips and I'm so happy that I got to know them a little better through this event. I loved how they are incorporating travel with the Swiss tradition of perfection. They even have travel apparel, aside from the cutlery and watches. 


So inside my KIT (Keeping It Together) toiletry bag, there's this one item that is permanently there.. :)


You see it?


It's not just a card that can fit in your wallet... (be careful not to forget this in your carry-on.., I will cry if it gets confiscated so I keep it in my toiletry bag ;) hehe)


This Victorinox Swiss Card has a pair of scissors (for cable ties, etc.), sharp knife (for tape, etc.), nail file, screw driver, toothpick, the perfect tweezers, pen, pin (for switching my iphone sim card) and ruler!!! It's not as bulky and it's so light.. This has got to be one of my favorite travel gears ;)


Well, FYI Victorinox was behind the legendary Original Swiss Army Knife! A little bit of history - the brand got its name because it was dedicated to the owner Karl Elsener's mother Victoria while "Inox" means stainless steel in Swiss :) I was like "Woah!" when I heard this haha. Victorinox dates back to 1884 too so it has got to have mastered making these now. 


I had always wanted a Swiss knife but found it masculine then it just kept on getting bigger and bigger. Until the Swiss Card came along! Haha. I just hope it came in neon yellow like below so I could find it easily, e.g it will glow in the dark LOL.


When I think Swiss, quality and superior craftsmanship comes to mind (aside from chocolates and the Alps haha). Mechanical watches are also a Swiss icon. Below is the Original Victorinox timepiece first launched in 1989 :)


The Victorinox watches are for big hands and a bit more masculine for me so this would probably be a good present and investment for your husband, son or BF :) You know Vicorinox products are thought, designed and made to last a lifetime ;)


Seriously, I thought Victoinox only had knives and watches. I was thrilled to see their Spectra line of hard-cased luggages :D I was super crushing on the red and white ones (because I recently realized that it's easier to find luggages that are not in blue or black color). Then the hard casing protects your stuff from all that rough baggage handling. I checked it out. It's a bit big and heavy (empty at 8.7 lbs already / 3.9 kgs) for me at 29" but I always bring lots of stuff when I travel and if I'm going to stay in one hotel then this would be perfect haha. It also has 4 or 8-wheels and "360-degree weightless movement" so it must be good for concrete and light to lug around on polished and flat surfaces. These are just initial impressions - I must try it out though before I can give a review (frankly, I haven't found that perfect luggage yet!)


Here's a closer look at the white one. This baby costs around P19k :) I'd like to put stickers on this from every trip hehe.


Then there's this super limted edition Victorinox Leather Travel Bag created in commemoration of Victorinox's 125th anniversary. There are only 125 of this in the world and it must be made from very good Italian belting leather so it costs P300k+. I wouldn't check this in haha. It could fit a laptop and is already a weeked bag.. For guys haha.


Since it was a Swiss night, we also ate Swiss food - there's Swiss wine and cheeses, cornichon, sausages, sauerkraut, chocolate fondue, etc. To culminate the night, the Victorinox Klasse card was launched. It's a privilege / loyalty card where you will be invited to exclusive Victorinox events, discounts and promotions :) Will update this post once I get mine! ;)


Check out my latest Victorinox Boarding Pouch :) I like that it has a velcro passport compartment for easy reach at the airport. The neck pad is also a nice touch. I'm gonna bring this baby to my trips soon (hopefully to Switzerland too where it all began)! =D


Store Details:
Victorinox, The Podium 2/F
The Travel Club
Duty Free Philippines
The Landmark Makati / Trinoma
SM MOA / SM Makati / SM Megamall Department Stores