A Day in Odori Park: Russian and Aycha Turkish Food in Sapporo!

We went to the Odori Park during the Sapporo Lilac Festival and found yummy treats from Russia and Turkey after our Chigiri-E (paper tearing session), manga drawing and Japanese ornament making! Haha. I dunno what it is about me and towers, it seems I've been to quite a number in my last Japan and Korea tower trips. Hehe. This one (the Sapporo TV Tower) is located at one end of the Park and a nice landmark too when you're in Sapporo =) Underneath this park is a long labyrinth that leads to underground malls and subway stations ;)


Geography lesson: Apparently, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (in Russia) is very close to Sapporo, Hokkaido (in Japan) so we wanted to try the food out!


They set up this international food court for the festival and there was Spanish, Indian, German, Japanese, Russian and Turkish.


We ordered some Russian sausage which tasted great but it cost around 600 yen (300 pesos).


There's also this roll that tasted like the filling of rellenong bangus. =) Too bad the crust was a bit dry for me.


About the Turkish food - these two stalls were actually neighbors during the festival so while waiting for the Russian food to be cooked, I was glancing over the beautifully roasted kebab (our shawarma) next door hahaha.


One stall had young Russians while the other had a chef from Turkey (who actually owns a Turkish restaurant in Sapporo) behind the counter so it all looked authentic enough ;)


He sold it to me for 500 yen (must have been observing me drooling over his food while on line at the Russian stall haha, that's 250 pesos for a big kebab!)


and put in loads of mozarella in my Halal Chicken kebab! Mmmm..


It tasted healthy and the flavor was just right. I asked if this was considered shawarma. He said yes but it is called Kebab in Turkey unlike other countries.


I should have added more of that sweet Jalapeno like he said! Haha. It gives it more kick and adds another coat of flavor.


If ever you're in Sapporo, you can find his Turkish restaurant (slash Sapporo Kebab House) named Aycha and eat there =)

Aycha Turkish Restaurant Sapporo
5-minami 3-13, hongo-dori Shiroishi-ku,
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Tel: +81.11.865.6756
Mobile: 090.6008.3284


FYI, this was just an afternoon snack haha. We went to the Sappory Factory for dinner (post up next!) =) The Wine Garden 2013 was also simultaneously happening and we had to stop ourselves from trying out a lot more stalls. Haha. 


I think you can purchase a wine ticket plus something for around 500 yen. Tents were set up around the fountain (which was cool) and the wine event lasted longer than the Sapporo Lilac Festival hours.


Everything was well-organized so it was such a nice afternoon to stay put and sit down.


There were lots of interviews going on as well. They got a sample per stall. I wonder how they survived hahaha.


We passed by these on our way there (Sapporo TV Tower side):

Lilac Trees! It's the Sapporo Lilac Festival after all.


One of the few authorized Smoking Sites in Sapporo. Ahh, cleaner air =)

odori-park-smoking site.jpg



When in another country or place, don't forget to eat other cuisines too if you have spare time or a spare tummy space ;)