My New Roxy Rashguard, Bandeau and Mini Bag for my Travels!

I'm just super excited so I have to tell you! Ehehehehe. A package arrived today! I've been tracking it for a few days (since May 8 haha) from Australia to Singapore to Manila via UPS hehe. I promised myself to complete some of my travel wear and gears by the end of this year. I'm on the lookout for investments (take note: sometimes pricey but worth it, there are a lot more in my list) that I will take with me on my trips! I will tell you once I find some more =) All pictures are from Roxy as well as the links so that you can better picture the items (it came exactly like in the pic! minus the model) in case I might interest you in getting on for yourself haha. Let me tell you that ALL these items are now on sale at! ;)

Picture from Roxy Philippines FB

Item # 1 - Roxy Ladies Summer Somewhere Long Sleeve Rash Vest

This item was the one that really caught my eye! I've been trying to find the perfect rashguard for me with a zipper in front! I'm not much of a beach person but I found myself trying to be more active as well as going on beach trips (thanks to Anywhere Philippines!) and surfing trips (thanks to Pop Talk!) just this past year. I was looking for a rashguard because I don't want to get dark and snorkel/dip on open water in a bikini (only to discover so many itchy bites after!) haha. Plus since it has a zipper, I can do more stuff with it from day to night on a beachy place hehe. On Sale: from P3290 to P1790 now at Roxy! Rashguard: CHECK! Update: I've taken it everywhere! Hehe. Used this in Beach in Coron, Spelunking in Sagada.


Item # 2 - Roxy Ladies Borabora Moulded Bandeau

Well, I had two bottoms that I can't pair with any bikini top! This bandeau is black for one. And it looks more secure ;) I bet I can use this as a regular bandeau under a sheer top too for the beach getup or a trip in a hot country! On Sale: from P2490 to P1090 now at Roxy! Bandeau/Bikini Top: CHECK! Update: Used this in Palawan and Boracay.


Item # 3 - Roxy Ladies Leucena Festival Bag

First, I love small bags because I have a small frame. When I held this for the first time a while ago, I was super satisfied, especially with the color and the weight =) It can fit my valuables (and a small camera) and adds accent to my usually all-black outfit when going abroad haha. Perfect for city walks! On Sale: from P2990 to P590 now at Roxy! Mini/Light Bag: CHECK!


I guess you'll be seeing more of me in these or with these. =) You can purchase online in peso and determine your size via the size chart (I did it right nyahaha). Mine arrived at my door in around 3 days!

What do you think was the best find among the items above?! How about you, are you looking for some travel items or gear too? Feel free to tell me below. Maybe I haven't thought about it yet haha.