Things to Bring and OC Reminders for Mt. Pulag Climb!

Planning to go to Mt. Pulag? Here's a quick guide - my list of things to bring, suggestions and some last minute OC reminders based on my experience in no particular order hahaha. This is based on a trip to Mt. Pulag with Anywhere Philippines although more or less, it might probably apply to you too all the same =)


Things to Bring
- spoon, fork, empty deep food container/Lock&Lock, wipes (you will probably have soup in the cold and you will clean our own containers)


- water bottle (there is a water source there where you can refill) or like me, salted Campbells tomato juice hehehe (airline habit ahahahha, i figured a small can is enough to hydrate me and give me energy as opposed to drinking lots of water and not knowing where to pee in Pulag)


- bonnet and gloves for the cold, wind and hanging on to grass haha (for our trip - no bonnet & gloves, no climb rule)


- your own medicine
- camera of course (which you are willing to carry all the way to the top) =)


- if you can't hold and you need to go to the CR (restroom) - some bring small shovels, dig a hole, there are makeshift CRs in the campsite and Pulag ranger station

- hand warmers, thermal blanket, flashlight or headlight - no source of light nor heat (Swiss card - like Swiss knife but much cooler with scissors, etc. and petroleum jelly are optional hehe)


- trail food - i would bring sandwiches, spreads like peanut butter in sachet and power bars next time


- sunglasses (mine was RX so I wouldn't have to wear contacts or regular glasses because I had tired eyes) and head wear - these I used for the dusty jeep ride and "top load" experience from Baguio to Pulag =)


- hiking stick - my best friend during the hike, as well as cargo pants with pockets, thermals, rubber shoes, socks (these are the only ones I carried during the trail)


- jackets and scarves (as you can see, i wore double jackets and kulang pa haha but this is optional and depends if you don't adjust well to the cold, behind me is Junior Pulag) =)


- finally, ziploc and tissue (for your trash that you will bring home, to waterproof things, for blowing your nose and sheer OC-ness haha


Additional Info:

- There are porters who carry 2 bags for around P400-P600 (all depends on weight and size) so you might want to bring money for your extra expenses (that are not covered by the package tour).


- Bring a blanket (As per our Anywhere Philippines Mt. Pulag tour, there will be a sleeping bag per tent, usually you use this as mattress for the cold then you use the blanket to cover yourself).

- You will most probably ride a Victory Liner bus (their bus to Baguio is very cold).

- Don't bring any chargers (there's nowhere to plug it to after Baguio).

- There is fluctuating mobile signal.

- Waterproof your things (there might be high chance of rain and moisture in the trek), it can get muddy, left picture below is a recyclable Disneyland raincoat haha.


- You'll trek through flat ground with a trail, elevated - this is if you will take the "easiest" route (Ambangeg trail).

- It can be as cold as up to 6 degrees so bring light but warm jackets, leggings, dry fit clothes (wet clothes on cold weather = not good/colder), 3 socks (if it gets wet) - during our trip, the coldest it got was around -2 (negative 2 degrees).

- There is no chance of a shower on the trek, camping site (literally no shower area), just bring toothbrush (sometimes you can't even wash your face because you are too cold to do it).

- You can leave another bag with your toiletries (for shower) and towels at the ranger station before the trek for safekeeping (according to our tour).

- The sea of clouds Pulag Mountain phenomenon is by luck, but if there's too much fog at day 2, you might just stay at the campsite and not be allowed to go up to the top.

- There are 2 campsites for overnight, the campsite 2 (3-4 hours) and the saddle camp (plus 1 hour away, colder, but shorter trek the next day since it's nearer, can wake up a bit later) - they said you won't know yet and you can't control which because DENR will assign when you get there.

I hope you're ready and you have everything you need for an awesome Mt. Pulag camping trip =) 


Tell me below: Any more suggestions, tips and useful info for Pulag or for a mountain trekking trip? No links please. Just summarized versions or write your suggestions so that it's all collated in this post.