Puerto del Sol Review, How to Go to Bolinao Pangasinan

Before I end this Bolinao series, let me take you on a tour of Puerto del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club (it's seafront on one side) so that you can decide which room fits you best when you go on a Pangasinan adventure. If you haven't read my previous post yet, that's Part I of an overnight Bolinao itinerary and how to go to Bolinao. This is Part II - the more relaxing second day, the shopping for Bolinao pasalubong and how to go back from Bolinao to Manila. In contrast to the previous day, I welcomed the time to stroll leisurely, look out at the beach view and even unwinding at the hotel jacuzzi with friends before that 8-hour bus ride.


Puerto del Sol Restaurant & Food 
We started the day right with breakfast and lots more food we ate during our stay. I liked the La Playa Restaurant most. I heard they have eat-all-you-cans here sometimes and locals flock so better ask.


There is no WiFi here but the view and fresh air will make you forget about it for a while.


For breakfast and lunch, we had longganisa and pork barbeque.


For dinner, we had this chicken (I liked this the best) and for our first meal, the Bolinao bangus cordon bleu (their specialty).


The Cafe del Sol is the restaurant with the WiFi although it is very dark inside. There are chairs outside too if you want to dine al fresco (no WiFi, closer to La Playa).


Various Accommodation Options in Puerto del Sol

Let's start out with the one closest to the beach first.


This is called the Nipa Hut (tariff rate: P3625 per hut, fits ~4-5 people, no toilet and bath, open air, no lock just curtains, no breakfast, no WiFi).


The Bahay Kubo Premiere Suite is perfect for honeymooners (tariff rate: P13050 per suite, fits ~2 people, king-sized bed, with private toilet and bath on ground level, 2 floors, common area - open living room and dining room below, with TV, with breakfast, has veranda, beach view, near the beach and pool, no WiFi).


The 2-bedroom Casitas Suite is for families of up to 4 people (tariff rate: P17400 per suite, fits ~4 people, with 1 private toilet and bath, with common area - living room and dining room, with breakfast, has veranda, near the beach and pool, with TV, no WiFi)



We stayed in one of the Mansion Villas Deluxe Rooms. Pick the ones in Mansion Cluster 4 (pictures below but a little far from the restaurant) instead of the ones we stayed at - I think ours was Cluster 1 or 2, ours didn't have tubs as well (check out my Puerto del Sol Beach Resort TripAdvisor Review for my stay).

puerto-del-sol-cluster-4-mansion.jpg puerto-del-sol-tub.jpg 

(Tariff rate: P8265 per room, fits ~2 people, with 1 private toilet and bath, with balcony, with TV, with breakfast, no WiFi).

puerto-del-sol-mansion-room.jpg puerto-del-sol-toilet.jpg 

I would suggest staying at the dorm-style Family Room (value for money). Then make the most of your stay in Bolinao by following this itinerary =) I know these can accommodate groups of 14 (tariff rate: P13601 per room, fits ~14 people, with common toilet and shower outside, no breakfast, no WiFi). I think the tariff rate for this can go still down to around P9k..

puerto-del-sol-dorm-room.jpg common-shower.jpg 

There are lockers downstairs (request from front desk) and water near the room.

green-lockers.jpg puerto-del-sol-room.jpg

There's another common toilet & shower downstairs for public use (also for Nipa Hut use and pool guests).

puerto-del-sol-common-shower.jpg puerto-del-sol-common-toilet.jpg

Things to Do Inside Puerto del Sol Resort


You can go hang out by the beach (open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.),


or dine at the beach, 


check out the playground,


amuse yourself at the game room (although I don't think anybody uses it),


swim at big pool (2 depths, night swimming very nice and near rooms),


sleep by the pool,


or spend a few hours at the jacuzzi before you go (open 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.) 


like us! Haha. Thanks to Anton, Teresa, Rod, Jonel, Marj and Jeff for the company and memories =)


Last Hurrah, How to Go to Bolinao and Back to Manila

Once you're already back in the town of Bolinao, you can check out the Bamboo cake they sell near the church (Saint James the Great Parish) for pasalubong.

bolinao-binungey-bamboo-cake.jpg bolinao-bamboo-cake.jpg 

It tastes like sugarless coconut biko (sticky rice cake). I would really like to add lots of sugar. I suggest you buy some when you arrive, take it to the resort or the Bolinao falls, add sugar haha and eat it there.

bamboo-cake-bolinao.jpg bamboo-cake-pangasinan.jpg 

The Bolinao People's Market is also near the church.


Here you can buy lots of dried fish


and bagoong (fermented shrimp type).


You can either walk or take a short tricy ride to Victory Liner (Bolinao Station).


There's a Bolinao Visitor Info Board there too.


The bus will take you to Manila with around 3 stopovers. Get ready for around 8 to 9 hours of travel back. Fare is P469 from Bolinao to Manila. For another bus alternative, check out how we got to Bolinao in my last post.


One useful tip - if you leave in the afternoon like us (3 p.m. stay at the bus seats on the left like below to avoid the sun =) )


I'll see you on my next bus road trip! This was an unforgettable first time - whew! Haha.


Resort Details:
Brgy. Ilog Malino, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines
075 - 6960530 / +63920-9507105
Check-in 2 p.m., Check-out 11 a.m.