A Sneak Peek, My Staycation at the Oakwood Joy-Nostalg Center!

Whenever I take a "vacay" from being online and need some time doing other stuff besides "being on the move", I find three things super comforting - going to the supermarket, experimenting in the kitchen and sleeping! I did these and more at my Oakwood 1-Bedroom Serviced Apartment in Ortigas! Have you seen my apartment yet? Here's a sneak peek and my in-depth review of this Oakwood serviced apartment in Manila.


Here's my inside story haha. I brought a bag full of spices, bread crumbs, eggs and lasagna sheets from home to my apartment during my staycation, intent to make something for "dinner". I checked in at 3 p.m., left my overnight bag and walked to the new SM Megamall Building A supermarket to buy cheese, tomato sauce and some fresh parsley. I actually forgot about the dishwashing liquid and Alain, the resident attendant, had some in stock. Guests can actually avail of the grocery services offered by Oakwood in the morning (a great add-on for forget-fuls like me or business travelers and long stay-ers who don't have much time or gusto for grocery shopping) and have them delivered in the afternoon.


It's my nth attempt to make Manicotti from this cookbook.


It's easy to make and required some light mixing and an oven, which is available in the kitchen of my suite. The only downside from this recipe is that I had to make sure that I don't veer away from the recipe too much, including the measurements (measuring cups were mine), or else it will almost always fails haha so I have to make a lot. I brought out all the mixing bowls and kitchen utensils from this fully-equiped gourmet kitchen feeling totally in charge and all messy haha. I love the kitchen setup because I can watch from the TV in the living room! Hehe.


After around, um, 2 hours, here is the final finished product! All the Pyrex stuff and bowls are included in the apartment already =)


I spent the night eating, using the entertainment system and taking full advantage of the in-shower steam bath. I actually fell asleep on the foot of the big bed while watching a travel show on my other flat screen TV hahaha. Ah, this is the life!


When I woke up, it was already time for the complimentary breakfast at Oakroom included in the room package. I loved the noodle soup, the bacon and the international selection.


Before I went down, I called Housekeeping if it was possible to do the turndown service, um in the morning haha, and when I returned.. TADA! Even the kitchen was squeaky clean =) Ako na ang spoiled hehe! Ready to sleep again!


I was planning to use the lap pool but then I remembered that I had a private bath tub! hahaha. I stayed in until check out to enjoy the room a bit more =) Thank you for your hospitality, Oakwood Joy~Nostalg! I shall see you again when I need some alone time.


I found this staycation with Oakwood Joy~Nostalg Center Manila (click here for the full view and inclusions of my awesome apartment hehe) very relaxing and super worth it. I can do it over and over again.

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How about you? Given their amenities and facilities included in the stay, what activities would you do if you are having a staycation here?

A Sneak Peek, My Staycation at the Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila!