First Time at Tokyo Disneyland

Where will you find cute Japanese girls with matching outfits and Minnie headbands posing for the camera?


I experienced these and more for the first time at Tokyo Disneyland.


It was the first time I rode The Wild Wild West.


The Haunted House ride was kinda cool even if my eyes were closed half of the time. How about Alice in Wonderland and Little Bo Beep chasing each other and the kids?


Captain EO was new for me. The film was old but it was fun seeing him on the big screen and doing the moonwalk.


I also have a newly found appreciation for the Cinderella Castle, chasing Disney characters,


 the iconic “It’s a Small World” ride,


the epic Space Mountain ride and The Disney Parade.


It's the perfect place for the family and the place to be for the kids at heart like me. And Tokyo Disneyland is probably the nearest big Disneyland to the Philippines. =)