Baby Showers, Baby Gifts and Baby Dragons

Chances are, this year is going to be filled with a lot of baby showers. Have you heard of the fuzz about babies being born during the Year of the Dragon? This is the year of the Baby Dragons and it doesn't come around again for another 12 years. If you have a Dragon Male Child, soon-to-be married Chinese couples would want him to roll on their matrimonial bed and sleep on it before the wedding. A red envelope awaits the child and that, ladies and gentlemen, is just a glimpse of what good fortune and strong power that those born under the sign wields. This coming Chinese New Year marks the start of the year of the Water Dragon. Click here for the difference in traits between Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth Dragons. I just found out for fun that I am a Wood Ox and this site says all sorts of stuff about me that I can relate with. Hehe. Check the Chinese calendar though for the Chinese New Year on your year of birth if you want to look for your Chinese horoscope sign.

On another note, I'd like to say best wishes to a dear friend and sister Kit. This tribute post is about the coolest baby shower I attended ever in my life and for the year. I was with an awesome set of friends and what transpired that night was something that I will keep close to my heart. If the task of organizing a simple and successful baby shower falls onto your lap, don't fret. I do intend to help you out a little through this post. If you are looking for baby shower gifts or baby gifts or baby shower party food, there is also something in this post for you.

For the Baby Shower Food and Conversations
The celebration began when my dear Mama Elsie sent out invitations to the ladies of the group for the baby shower of a very preggy Kit. Two weeks later, here we are and there was a giant Calda pizza at the table (we don't exactly fit any more in this picture, haha, I forgot to take a group picture actually...). Sorry, Gang, I will remember next time =)

Mama Elsie introduced me to this 36-inch pizza last year in one of her parties and I had another opportunity to eat this with bloggers in the GenSan S3X Tour too. Good enough for more than 20 people and preggies can eat this hehe.

If you're at home, you can make this Grilled Eggplant Salad (skinned grilled eggplant mixed with red onions and tomatoes in a vinaigrette sauce)

or have some Pork BBQ for the Gang, pansit/noodles, adobo and ice cream. Simple and homey.

Cate is enjoying a glass of wine. I enjoyed my Sprite.

The conversations during the meal was the shocker. Hahaha. Good thing the boys were not there, I agree. The topics flowed from marriage to pregnancy to having kids to doctor's visits to childbirth to hospitals to hospital sanitation to what to eat to Ge Lai to taking a bath to pregnancy myths to our present lives and many many more. There were times that it gets visual so uhhh warning haha. If conversations with girlfriends are as lively as that, we don't really need the booze and anything stronger than wine.

For the Baby Shower Activities, Baby Shower Gifts and Baby Gifts in General

There were no awkward games! Hahaha. Thank goodness. Although you might want to have it, I would thoroughly enjoy those Minute to Win It Challenges hehehe. Not doing it will save you the effort of preparation, the hosting gig and prize hunting. Ours was a simple and sweet baby shower so we gave gifts for the preggy momma and her precious little one (ask if boy or girl). 

Baby Clothes
Jewella had the time to pick up some baby clothes. The experience will probably stay with her when its her time to pick out baby clothes and it's her turn to have a family of her own =)

Jen picked out teeny weeny socks. These, the baby can use at any age.

Something for the Sexy Momma
Mama Elsie was sweet to think of our sexy momma as well. In these times when all the attention is on the Baby Dragon, I think this time is equally important for the one giving birth, too. Plus, this fragrance she can use for the Ge Lai (Chinese tradition, it's the one month or more that you don't take a bath after giving birth, hihihi, jokes, maybe it's not allowed even in the Ge Lai, maybe after as a treat for the daddy too =) )

Toys and Things They Can Use as the Child is Growing Up
Sister Missa gave a stuffed giraffe and a towel. Something to take a bath with probably and wipe the drooling baby girl hehe. And something to hug and play when she is on her own.

Mine is called the Gyro Bowl. Kid-proof snack or food bowl so long as they hold the handle hehe. This one for the little one and her other toddler sisters during their bonding time when she gets a little bigger.


So there's something in here depending on what experience you want to give the preggy mama and her child before or after the pregnancy. A shower (one of her last probably in a few months haha), gifts, information for singles or non-mothers (and very useful at that), support for mothers (like modern news and updates if ever they get pregnant again), support for the beautiful star (+1) of the night and memories all in one ordinary evening made extraordinary with love for our dear friend.

It's Not Over
The wildest experience for the night was me driving this preggy mama home and dropping a few more friends along the way. In all cautiousness and trust in myself, I managed to have the courage to drive for the people I love and appreciate the strength of my character, which I have momentarily and conveniently forgotten for a few months, that has always been a part of me. As I have found out just now, there is also a joy that comes from sharing such a wonderful experience through this post.

My concept of a baby shower is forever changed haha. Special thanks to Mama Elsie and Atsi Kit for inspiring me and for the ILP18 girls who came that night: Cate, Cucay, Jewella, Missa, Jack and JenV. I'll see you guys soon!