Manila International Terminal Fee Down to P550, Back to P750! Also Info on Clark International Fee

1/12/2012 with Updates below:
I know where my confusion about the NAIA terminal fees began now. Back in 2007, they raised the terminal fees for international flights departing from Manila from P550 to P750. Starting February 1, 2012, the fees will once again be 550 pesos following the conclusion of the 5-year security development program initiated by the goverment. According to the Yahoo! Southeast Asia interview, a total of P3.9 Billion was collected during those 5 years.

Yey! I hope they can improve their facilities more though from the P550 and make NAIA 1 more modern like the NAIA Terminal 3 upgrade. Plus the airport names are a little confusing still. Click here on the difference and where the airlines are assigned.

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If you're going international via Clark airport (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport), they collect P600 as the terminal fee.

Source: My trip last February 2012.

I just read they will increase to P750 again this March 2012. I will confirm by the end of March during my trip.

The terminal fee is back at P550 (NAIA 2). There is free Globe WiFi in the gates. There are talks that the terminal fee will be incorporated soon in the ticket prices. This is different from the P1620 travel tax (to be paid at the airport for airlines, especially if booked online - not included in low fares, except Philippine Airlines).

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